Natural eye makeup is used by people who want to enhance their natural beauty. Using natural eye makeup is all about achieving results that are not too dramatic. With that said, we are going to provide you with tips to help you match your makeup with just about any outfit you want to wear.

The good news is the natural eye makeup style takes very little effort to do. It’s also quick to do. The below tips will help you out.

1. Eyeshadow And Skin Tone Should Match

Do your best to match the color of your makeup to the tone of your skin. Your eyeshadow should look natural, and the best way to do that is to match it to your skin tone. Below are a few examples that can steer you in the right direction:

  • Light skin tone- Use naked 2 palette
  • Dark skin tone- Use naked 3 palette

If you have a light skin tone, then use tones such as gray and lavender. You can also use ash. Another good choice is silver. If you have a dark tone, then use colors such as rose, plums and peach to name a few.

Keep in mind that you should go with a color with the purpose of keeping your look mild, that way you don’t make an overstatement. Hues light lights brown and lavender are softer, which will bring out a more natural look. Stay away from hues that are too strong, otherwise you could end up not achieving a natural look.

2. Add A Bit Of Depth To Your Eyes

Many makeup artists use this tip because it can create a great look that looks natural. You’ll want to add just a bit of color over the eyes. You’ll create a natural shade appearance.

First, use a fluff brush and dip the tip of it in either a pink or brown eyeshadow. Which one you use depends on the type of skin tone you have. Take the brush and glide it across the crease of the eye, and keep going along the crease towards your nose. This will add more depth to your eyes, and as a result they will look softer and wider.

3. It’s Time For Highlighting

Next, choose an eyeshadow that is cream colored. Pair it with either a satin finish or a matte finish. Take a flat brush and start coloring in the brown bone. Next, color in the corners of the eyes.

Doing the above will make your eyes standout. All you need to do is use a tiny amount of color. After you do this, you can decide whether or not you should add more color. Only use small amounts until you get the desired amount of color.

4. Matte Is Better Than Sparkles

You want your makeup as matte as possible. Remember, you’re trying to achieve a natural look, and one that is ideal for everyday style. Matte products allow you to add a bit of glow to your look, but do feel free to use a semi-matte eyeshadow. Try to steer clear of sparkling ones because they don’t produce a natural look.

5. Brown Is Better Than Black Mascara

You’ll want to put some mascara on your lashes, but black mascara shouldn’t be used because it creates an intense look. Deep brown mascaras are the better option. If you don’t like brown, then opt for a grey mascara. These colors will brighten up your look.

6. Eye Liner

Finally, you want to use the right eye liner. Your eye liner should not be too intense. Also, it’s a good idea to avoid using longer lines. Stick with short ones.

First, use the eyeliner right to the line of your eye, and then draw very carefully. Try to get as close to the lash line as possible. Don’t use flicking strokes because this will end up ruining your look.

The best thing about thin natural liners is they are ideal for any kind of eye structure. Also, you’ll want to use light colors such as grey and brown. Go over your black eyeliner with those colors because this will produce a softer look.