Check out the photoshoot with stunning Colombian model Joha Restrepo.

From a very young age she was attracted to the world of fashion and acting and with the help of her mother, Joha managed to start working at young age in events like “Colombia Moda” and for large brands and well-know fashion designers.

Joha love challenges and the American market was always on her radar, so she decided to travel to Miami where she lived for a year and thanks to her perseverance and hard work she managed to work at Telemundo, not only as a co-host for the sports segment of a news show, but also as an actress for the series Betty in NY. Joha currently resides in Los Angeles, working as a full-time reporter for an international channel.

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What do you wanted to be when you grew up?

I always wanted to be a Veterinary, as I love animals. Especially horses and cats. I found them loyal and therapeutic.

What sacrifices you have gone through to be where you are and following your dreams?

Being away of my family for sure, getting to celebrate success and achievements from a computer screen instead of in-person is not easy, also to be away for Christmas, for birthday’s, etc definitely not easy but I know that they are always with me and want to see me succeed.

Why not quoting if it’s so difficult?

Because I have worked so hard to be where I am, and I think keep fighting for what I want is the best decision I can take.

What’s your definition of an entrepreneur?

For me it’s not being afraid to fail and fight for everything you want. I think that every person that fights for his/her dreams should be called a warrior.

Do you think there is a success formula?

No, I think you need to follow your dreams, and keep fighting for what you want.

What advice can you give to other entrepreneur woman?

Never give up!

How do you see yourself in a few years?

With kids, working from home and with a few horses around my property. I love riding horses and that helps me to relax and do meditation.

Can you imagine a future where you don’t have to work again?

No, never. I like to be and feel active, I have so much energy (I don’t even know where comes from) that I don’t think I could we without working.




Photo: Joey Wright @joeywrightphoto

Agency: IN Models Group @inmodelsgroup