Somewherejugn is a luxury-streetwear apparel company. The brand was founded in 2017 by Stockton, California -native Deschel Clifton origination from a collection of travel hand bags. Its recent collection consists of T-shirts, baseball caps, hoodies and windbreaker jackets with its logo. Today, Somewherejugn has managed to gain the attention of A-List celebrities like Migos member, Offset and is quickly becoming a recognizable emerging brand.

Our mission is to influence and empower the next generation. Somewherejugn is not just a brand it’s a lifestyle. We are a reminder that the means, mode and transportation to fulfill your dreams are there. No matter where you begin or end you will likely be somewherejugn!

Long gone are the days of selling cds and shirts out of the trunk of your car. Social media changed how we do business and provided a new recipe for success. Coming from a small city the old method afforded a lot of people to make money … I mean real money. It’s time to open the younger generation minds to be Somewherejugn. We travel, we network, we make money. WE SUCCEED.

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SomeWhereJugn is an unusual name, where did this come from?

I was traveling in Chicago about 10 years ago, one of my partners said “you always out SomeWhereJugn and I told him I’m gonna make something out of that ..” And here we are somewherejugn.com 2020!

“SomeWhereJugn” name brand how does it reflect your consumer?

The name is natural and it’s real life for us. We all have to jug in order to make money and pay our bills so let me break it down somewherejugn

Tell us about the SomeWhereJugn brand?

My brand is different from what you would see on the regular basis. I’m from Stockton, California which is considered the valley. There are big differences between the valley and the bay.

I wanted to create more of an upscale brand for our area so I stepped out side the box. Every collection that’s created has a meaning and I want people to love the brand and what it stands for. Something that everyone could relate to:

?the location:to do things to get closer to the point you want to get
working hard towards the common goal of creating an income.

? the world:somewhere around the world making moves hustling
to grind to work hard with a good work flow.

? the plane:to move point to point

??:the fist play your cards right and maintain success

Most brands don’t have a meaning that’s what makes this special it’s all human beings

Can you share with us some of the artists that wear your line?

I have few that rock with me heavy Brandi from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Maxlux, I am Compton aka KP Offset Migos, Pretty Ricky, Slick’em

Where can people find you and purchase the line?

We located inside the Beverley Center at the Lost Warhols (8500 Beverly Blvd. Level 6) or you can shop on site www.somewherejugn.com

What street clothing line inspires you?

  • Rock paper denim out philly
  • Fubu
  • Rocawear
  • Puma
  • Gucci

Where will SomeWhereJugn go in 2020?

Bigger than top brands like Supreme and Louis Vuitton. To be ranked with the best.


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