The party season is approaching and you may have several holiday parties to attend, including compulsory office holiday party. Of course, you`ve already started racking your brain about what to wear! What to wear to holiday party to look bright and at the same time, elegant? This is the question with which you’re laying in bed at night and waking up in the morning because you like every woman want to look fantastic this holiday.

To make your life a little easier, we`d like to present you several options and outfit formulas for holiday parties that will definitely inspire you and help make your holiday style impeccable.

Classic LBD

When it comes to the holiday parties, firstly, you should not forget about the classic fashion outfits. One of such must-have classic items that every woman has in her wardrobe is a pretty little black dress (LBD). Every woman agrees that LBD is one of the best wardrobe investments that a woman can make! So experiment with LBD. Add some sexy notes like a splattering of sparkles or bright accessories to create a festive look and make it a little more fun!

By the way, LBDs are considered as the best casual and office holiday party dresses, especially if you don’t want to spend much time choosing the appropriate outfit for the party! Thus, find in your wardrobe or buy a little black dress online and be sure that LBD is a good option for any casual as well as a formal holiday event. You just need to pick the right accessories for each party according to its dress code. If we’re talking about a casual holiday party, you can be brighter and try much bolder decisions. For an office holiday party, you should create a bit conservative look, for example, choose a softer color palette for your accessories.

Winter Color Mixture

If you want to feel like in the real winter wonderland, you can put on a simple blue dress with sparkling accessories. Choose a blue dress and wintery silver accessories like silver heels, bracelets, necklace, etc. and you’ll get an amazing wintry look for any holiday party.

Top-and-Jeans Combination

If you wear a cool top and skinny jeans, you’ll also look sophisticated, girly and fun at the same time. Try to combine, for example, dark-colored skinny jeans with a pale colored top and you’ll get a stylish and sweet look. Then just add statement accessories in coordinating colors and you’re ready for the casual party. If you`re going to a company holiday party, wear a black satin jacket over your top to be more formal and classy.

Of course, you can experiment with a top-and-jeans combination. Holiday outfits with maroon jeans look also very chic! Just avoid wearing maroon jeans with bright tops, choose pale colored tops as well as black jeans and add shimmering accessories.

Use these useful formulas to create your perfect festive look in this holiday season and be fabulous at any holiday party!