At one point or another, you will have that dreaded light come on your dashboard. The check engine light indicates an issue with your car, and it is not something you want to ignore. The light can appear in either amber, yellow or orange depending on your manufacturer. If it starts to blink, then the problem has escalated. Before you look up auto parts on sale, you should do your research so that you know precisely what has gone wrong in your vehicle.

What Causes the Light To Turn On?

There are dozens of explanations for why the check engine light lit up. It could indicate it is time to replace the thermostat or fuel injectors. Other actions you may need to take include:
Replace the evaporative emissions purge solenoid
Replace the mass airflow sensor
Replace the ignition coils
Inspect for a loose gas cap
Replace the catalytic convert
Replace the oxygen sensors
Replace the spark plugs and ignition coils

It is possible for the light to turn on when nothing is wrong with your car. Some cars will light up the dashboard when there is a severe change in humidity outside. However, you are still best off having a professional inspect your car to see if any issues require addressing.

How Do You Know What Is Wrong?

There are various readers you can purchase you can plug into your car. The reader will tell you why the check engine light is illuminated. In many cases, you can find a shop near you that will allow you to use the reader momentarily for free. The reader will provide you with a code you can take to an automotive professional, and he or she will tell you what is wrong.

Before you run a diagnostic, you can try some basic maintenance on your own. Try tightening the gas cap to see if that is causing the issue. If your vehicle is towing something, then you should remove that item. It is possible you are applying too much pressure on your car’s systems, and you need to lighten the load.

What Happens If You Ignore the Light?

“Can I ignore a check engine light?” is about as common of a question mechanics receive as “What is a tuneup on a car?” Your vehicle may feel perfectly fine to you, so you think you can keep going. The problem with this is that if you have an issue with your catalytic converter or ignition coils, then you are in serious trouble. You need to replace those components promptly so that your car continues running optimally. You may not be able to pass an emissions test otherwise. You may worry about having a high repair bill now but waiting only means the issue will get worse. You may have to spend more if you wait.
Dealing with a check engine light is not something you want to delay. You should act quickly, especially if you have a first-class auto parts shop near you. You can purchase any items you need with ease so that your car is not totaled any time soon.