Italian shoes. Mention that name anywhere and what the mind conjures is a mixture of quality, style, fashion, comfort, and class. These shoes are unique in every way, from their blueprint right down to the finished product. The uniqueness comes from the footwear-making tradition that started in Italian homes and has not ceased to this day.

The Italian shoes are elegant and comfortable. They come in sportswear, formal and casual for both men and women. Irrespective of the variety, all Italian shoes have the same characteristics and qualities that make them distinctive from other factory-manufactured shoes.

This brief will highlight some of the features that make Italian shoes stand out from the cluster of other footwear. You will learn that Italian shoes are not just a pair of much-needed foot protection, but they are a history, a fashion statement, and a lifestyle.

Top 4 Ways Italian Shoes Stand Out

1. Handmade

Made-by-hand is by far a unique identifier of Italian shoes. They’re handcrafted right from choosing the leather, to the tanning process and finally sewing. The craftsmanship has been in existence for centuries, passing over from fathers to sons over many generations.

Hand-made shoes are customized easily to fit the wearer perfectly like a pair of comfortable gloves. This feature also makes each shoe a unique story from invention to the last hand-polish.

2. Long Lasting Shoes

Italian shoes retail from as low as $150 to as high as $560. There’s a good reason for these high prices. The shoes are made to withstand daily wear and tear. Italians do not compromise on the quality of leather when making shoes. They pick the best leather, tanning them slowly to achieve the desired quality. The shoes last for decades, making them a worthy investment.

3. Comfort

Italian Shoes Womens are comfortable, light and come in proper fittings. You don’t need to break them in as is the case with other shoes. Italian shoe designers consider both foot length and the leg, and therefore use appropriate materials for excellent support.

Walk in a pair of shoes for a period of time to determine their level of comfort. Italian-made shoes remain comfortable even when worn all day long on your feet. They also don’t strain your feet.

4. Quality Ingredients

Using real leather is not enough to produce quality shoes. Italian shoe designers use other premium materials such as oak-bark leather for inner soles. The leather is also hand-tanned to achieve desired quality. It’s therefore not an overnight job. Hand-stitching also warrants a maximum number of stitches done per centimeter length, making the shoes slim fit and steady.


Italian shoes are a story in themselves. During the sewing process, the quality is set, making the shoes suitable for all seasons. Designers make shoes that can be worn with almost all type of clothing, keeping them trendy and fashionable across many seasons.

If you want value for your money in the form of a long-lasting footwear solution that doesn’t run out of style, you’re better off getting yourself a pair of Italian shoes. No footwear makes both a fashion statement and fulfils their functionality like Italian shoes.