Buying a house is a serious investment and those in the market for a new home need to know the basics of what to consider, and especially what to look out for, before making such a huge commitment. Here are 5 tips to help you make the right decision.

1. Water Damage

Water damage can be temporarily concealed by a good paint job. One of the problems with this is when you paint over water damage; you trap moisture into the walls which leads to mould problems. Black mould is so unhealthy to breathe. Carefully check the underside of counters and sinks in the kitchen as well as around the base of tubs, showers and toilets in the bathrooms. You should also check the sheetrock underneath windowsills, if this has softened and warped then think twice before making an offer on the house.

2. Buy a Home for Your Needs

Your home is your space. This is where you will be raising your children, entertaining your friends and family and spending most of your time. Find a house that will fulfil all of your requirements, do not buy a small home and think that you can manage in it; this will only lead to frustrations down the line as nothing is more frustrating than a lack of space. Determine your needs before you start house-hunting, and stick to them. Buying a house can be extremely stressful; do not add unnecessary extra stress.

3. Get The House Checked

Nothing is worse than buying a house and realising after the fact that it is filled with issues. Buying a house that needs a little TLC here and there is fine, but pest infestations, leaky roofing and rising damp are no fun at all. Nothing ruins Florida fun more than cockroaches; rather have your potential new home inspected by a reputable company that deals with pest control Boynton Beach for peace of mind before you purchase.

4. Exterior Cracks and Tilts

The house may look perfect on the inside, freshly cleaned and painted and staged perfectly, but it is the outside that could end up costing you a fortune if you do not do proper checks and inspections for exterior cracks. This is especially true for older houses – the deeper you dig to fix a problem; the costlier that problem will be to you.

5. Do Not Rush

Deciding to invest in a house that will become your home, and ultimately a sanctuary for you and your family, should not be a decision you take lightly. Do not let the seller rush your decision, take your time to explore your potential new neighbourhood and find all the fun entertainment spots that you will use in the future. Do not assume you have failed because a seller has rejected your offer and instantly up your offer, these are usually just sneaky tactics for them to make more money. Only up your offer if you can afford to do, and if you think the price is warranted and fair.