Sleep is incredibly important for everyone’s physical and mental health at every stage of your life. But that doesn’t mean it comes easy for everyone. Insomnia is a health condition that gets in the way, complicating so many matters of a person’s life. Everything from exercise to keeping up at a company meeting can be nearly impossible without a good night of sleep.

If someone in your life is constantly searching for more zzz’s, or better quality of sleep, you can help them out with one of these six great gift ideas:

#1: Soothing Tea

Teas and other healthy drinks are some of the best ways to help get your body ready for a night of sleep. Remember having a parent bring you a glass of warm milk at bedtime? There’s something about a warm beverage that just preps your body and mind for sleep.

Of course, you have to make sure to steer clear of caffeine. Make sure to grab:

  • An herbal tea
  • A low-caffeine variety
  • A natural or artificially decaffeinated tea

…to avoid accidentally keeping your insomniac friend up even later!

#2: Natural Remedies

Aside from teas and other soothing drinks, there are also other natural remedies to help insomnia. For example, many people take over-the-counter sleep solutions, such as the vitamin melatonin or the sedative diphenhydramine (an active ingredient in certain allergy medicines).

A simpler, less invasive option? Using CBD vape juice to help you sleep.

With a CBD vape, you don’t have to worry about a clunky pill or potentially sugary syrup. Simply inhale, and you’ll be snoring before you know it. Plus, it’s useful throughout the day.

#3: Books to Curl Up With

Another classic technique from childhood? Storytime. One of the most amazing ways to fall asleep is with a book in hand. Reading provides a necessary break from the screens we look at all day. Whether it’s a novel or an educational nonfiction read, it’s great fodder for dreams.

Plus, reading an amazing tale before bed can have amazing benefits for your knowledge and creativity. So, find a local bookstore and pick up a great book that’ll help your friend fall asleep.

#4: Comfy Pajamas

Some premium sleepwear is an amazing gift for everyone—but it’s an especially great gift for anyone who has a hard time falling or staying asleep. Men and women can both benefit from great PJs in styles like:

  • Robes and one-pieces
  • Shorts and shirts
  • Slippers or socks

While plenty of younger people (especially guys) just like to sleep in their workout clothes or underwear, there’s nothing like a special set of clothes made just for sleeping in.

#5: Amazing Bedding

Sleepwear isn’t the only place where comfort matters. Aside from the clothes you wear to bed, there are also the linens that make up your bed. From silky sheets to a warm or weighted comforter, everyone has a preferred kind of bedding.

Like to sleep with your feet outside the covers? Prefer a jersey pillowcase? Whatever your ideal bed is, amazing bedding sets can make it a reality. They’re a life-changing investment.

#6: Music in Their Ears

Finally, consider helping your friend or family member create the perfect sonic environment for sleeping in. One great way to help them sleep is to help them listen to their favorite songs to fall asleep to. You could keep it thrifty by making them a custom playlist or mixtape.

Or, you could kick it up a notch with a great pair of headphones or a smart speaker system. Either way, giving the gift of soothing music is a great way to help your insomniac friend fall asleep.

Help Your Loved Ones Get the Rest They Need

Getting a great night of sleep provides so many benefits. Not only does it help you maintain your physical and mental well-being, but it’s also a key element of a productive lifestyle. That’s why, if there’s anyone in your life who suffers from insomnia, you should consider helping out in any way you can. The six gift ideas above are a great place to start!

Next time you’re shopping for presents for that special someone, keep their health and happiness in mind. Together, you can overcome insomnia.