Finding love nowadays can be quite complicated if you look at how different the dating game is compared to how it used to be a few years ago. But when you do find that someone, you never want to let go.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t always go the way people plan, and some bumps can cause distances between some people along the way. But if you suspect your spouse has gone so far that they are cheating on you, then you deserve to find out the truth.

To help you out, here are six signs that you should look for. If any of them raise your suspicion even more, then hire a private investigator like SQPI to confirm it for you.

Your Spouse Has Improved Their Wardrobe

Commonly, people try to impress someone that they have been seeing recently. That is why they might have been wearing better or more expensive outfits recently.

If your spouse, all of a sudden, decides to change the hairstyle they had for the past decade, it might be cause for concern

Also, they might be wearing more perfume or cologne and working out to get in better shape.

Your Spouse Has Become More Secretive

If you and your spouse had absolutely no secrets between the two of you, but they seem more secretive now, that could be a sign as well.

For instance, you walk in the room, and they jump or panic and immediately close whatever device they were using that time. The usual excuse is “Oh, you just startled me,” and it has become quite common.

There is Too Less Intimacy, Or Too Much All Of A Sudden

You and your spouse might have been all hot and on each other all the time, but things might not be like that anymore. While that is common, your spouse may be cheating if the dry spell has gone on for too long.

But another common thing cheating spouses do is they want to become too intimate all of a sudden. You might like that it’s happening again, but it might only be because they feel guilty or they are trying to hide something.

Your Spouse Has Become More Moody

Nothing bad happened at home, work, on their commute, or anywhere else, but you see them getting all moody. Could it be that someone else has upset them in some way?

But also, sometimes people pinpoint every little thing about another person and try to put the guilt on them somehow instead of feeling that way themselves.

If your spouse has mood swings lately, then it’s not your fault, it’s theirs.

Your Spouse Is No Longer Interested In the Same Things

You might have loved to go somewhere on your special day, try out something new every other week, or do something that both of you enjoyed. But if your spouse doesn’t seem at all interested in the things that they loved doing with you, then it might be cause for some concern.
It might be that all their attention, energy, and time is being used on someone else.

There Have Been Too Many Late Nights at Work All Of A Sudden

There is one very common thing that you might have even seen in some movies. One of the spouses calls and says, “Honey, I am busy with something at work. You sleep, I will probably come home late.”

It does happen a lot in real life too. So if your spouse has started to spend late nights at work or has more business trips, then it might good to call a private investigator before you make a move.