There’s no exception when it comes to the common fact that most, if not all people in this day and age are leading fast-paced and hectic lives. While this can be fulfilling on a career-driven level, it is very easy to neglect yourself when you lead this kind of life. We tend to give self-care and the value of self-love a backseat because we simply feel that we no longer have time for it. But the fact of the matter is, it is imperative that we all give this priority moving forward. This is why we’ve come up with 7 important steps that will allow you to venture easily into the journey that will show you how easy it is to prioritize yourself and the concept of loving yourself.

1-Take care of the outside

We all know that self-care is something that is relevant inside, out. And this is why it’s so important that you make time to pamper yourself and take care of your appearance- not for the way you will look to others, but for how it will make you feel about yourself on a daily basis. Make it a point to get your hair done, at least once a month. The professional stylists at Style Lounge Salon follow the philosophy of how pampering yourself will go leaps and bounds in making you feel great. So find yourself a decent salon or spa and go all out every once in a while. Buy yourself a new item of clothing, get your nails done, go for a facial- all of these things will remind you that it’s more than necessary to rejuvenate the way you look on the outside to feel better on the inside.

2-Make time for exercise & yoga

It has been proven that getting in at least 30 minutes of exercise a day does wonders for the mind. Your self-perception will change dramatically if you start to implement this. Yoga is another great option to go for, as it regulates your breathing, and in turn, your circulation becomes much better. If your body is feeling broken and tired all the time, it’s going to affect you in a big way and can even lead you into depression. Yoga and exercise is the most natural antidepressant.

3-Create a vision board

You may have a routine in play and your day to day events are all set in place, but this doesn’t mean that you have goals and visions for your own future. Get a huge foam board, make a list of the things you want to accomplish on a personal and professional level, print out some fun images and set a timeline for each goal. This will help keep you motivated, and motivation is the fuel for self-love.

4-Spend time with your friends & loved ones

Days, weeks and even months can pass you by because you become so consumed in your routine, and you never have time for your friends and family. Make it a point to make time for these people so that you can get back to your roots, and remember what it means to feel security, love and compassion for those you love and trust the most-they will always remind you of why you are such a wonderful person that is worthy of self-love.

5-Nurture your passion

We all have something or some things that we are passionate about, so don’t let that die down. Remember what it is that you are passionate about and work towards it, make time for it, even if it’s just 30 minutes in a day, and you’ll find that you feel a new sense of purpose right away.

6-Challenge yourself

The best way to grow and to reignite the fire inside of you is to always challenge yourself. If you stay stagnant in a safe zone for too long, you’re bound to fall into depression and doubt yourself and your abilities. Try something daring, new and exciting and this will evoke a ton of self love within you.

7-An act of kindness goes a long way

To be able to really love yourself truly, you must be able to give away emotions, love and a ton of kindness. Being selfless reminds you or your humanity and that you are able to make a difference in the world for those who are less fortunate. Being kind allows you to have emotions for others and most importantly, yourself.

The journey to self-love doesn’t have to be trying or difficult. Stick to the 7 steps that we’ve provided here and you’re sure to discover your worth and your abilities once again, and your love and care for yourself will only grow.