Sleeping is sweet and no matter how long you sleep you don’t seem to get enough to make you wake up feeling refreshed and satisfied. And with all the health benefits you’ve heard about getting enough sleep, and the negative effects sleep deprivation has, you want to get as much sleep as you can. However, sleeping early is easier said than done. But, getting the recommended shuteye of 6-8 hours will improve the quality of your sleep and your overall health and well-being. For shift workers and night owls that don’t get enough sleep, you will find they have many medical and mental health problems. The main advantage of waking up early in the morning is you get more sunlight which helps to reset your biological clock and provides you with vitamin D.

At times you may be late going to bed for a good reason like if you have pending work that is needed in the morning or your child is sick. But, on other times you have no good reason, you just procrastinate. So why is it so hard to stick to your bedtime?

Why you don’t get to bed on time

The reason why you don’t get enough sleep is related to sleeping disorders like sleep apnea or other medical conditions, but it’s mainly caused by a behavioral issue. Bedtime procrastination is something most of us do when it’s time for bed.

Here are some of the reasons why you might not go to bed at the right time.

You feel that you’ve earned to take some extra time in the evening

Most of us feel we’re entitled to some time to do the things you want to do like watching your favorite TV program, getting some work done, or relaxing before going to bed. You may be deserving the time, but this may lead you to poorly prioritizing what is important. The same way you think you deserve to buy new shoes and yet you don’t have enough money is the same way you spend the time you don’t have by not going to bed.

You haven’t accomplished everything for the day

There are days when you realize that you haven’t done everything you set out to accomplish for the day by the time it’s evening. So you decide to continue with your to-do list in the evening instead of putting it on hold till the next day.

You easily lose track of time

Nowadays it’s very easy to watch anything you want on TV and at any time provided you have a DVR and Netflix to a point where you lose track of time because there is no signal on the time. You can easily get caught up in reading your emails or watching a movie that time quickly passes you by without realizing.

How to go to bed early

1. Create a comfortable sleeping environment

You spend a third of your life in bed so your bed should be a place of style and comfort. Your sheets should be fresh, your pillows comfortable, and spoil yourself by getting cozy and comfortable nightwear. Your mattress is also an important aspect of your bed as it determines if you’ll get a good night sleep or not. Invest in a good mattress that you can get at mattress firm that suits your needs and preferences for good quality sleep.

2. Try aromatherapy

To achieve a more peaceful sleep, you can try using essential oils. Inhaling a particular scent can help your body and mind relax preparing you to sleep.  There are many essential oils each with its own unique scent. Lavender and jasmine are popular fragrances that are associated with sleep which help you to relax and sleep.

3. Relax with soft music

A good lullaby isn’t only beneficial to babies, also to adults. Listening to soothing music helps you to relax and fall asleep much faster. Play songs that have a tempo of 60-80 beats per minute can encourage your heart to enter into sleep mode.

4. Have a bedtime curfew

First, you need to set a specific time for your bedtime. Then, an hour to 30 minutes before your curfew switch off all your digital devices because the blue light they emit resets your body’s circadian rhythm which makes it harder for you to fall asleep when you want. If you want to go to bed an hour or two earlier, set your curfew in stages like 15 minutes earlier for a week and 30 minutes earlier the following week, etc.

5. Read a book

Read a real book not an e-book from your electronic devices, as the blue light on their screens can interfere with your sleep keeping you awake at night. Reading is one of the most relaxing activities and it can help you sleep better.

6. Exercise earlier in the day

If you’re exhausted from working out earlier in the day it becomes easier to fall asleep at night. Exercising at least 4 hours before your bedtime will help you feel tired and give you better quality sleep. But, exercising just before you go to bed can be counterproductive because you will increase your adrenaline levels making it hard for you to sleep.

7. Change your bedtime rituals

If you’re used to performing your bedtime rituals – taking a shower, brushing your teeth, putting on your nightwear, and relaxing with a book or soothing music – just before you go to bed, change the time of your bedtime rituals to an hour before bed. This will help your mind and body shift to anticipating sleep an hour earlier.

8. Visualize relaxing scenes

Visualization is a very powerful tool that can help you relax creating a peaceful state of mind conducive for sleeping. Imagininga relaxing scenelike walking in a flower garden or a beach or a relaxing massage can help you fall asleep faster. Visualization helps you to stop worrying about your life.

Final thoughts

If you want to fall asleep early before midnight, you can follow these tips. It might take some time for your body to adjust to the new routine, but repeating it every night will help your mind and body to adapt to the changes.