TV stands vary greatly — depending on the style, size, color, material, and other considerations that are non-negotiable for you as the owner. After all, it is something people will notice quickly in your living room.

Another critical consideration in choosing a TV stand is the aesthetic it contributes to the overall interior design of your home. You want it to blend nicely while serving its purpose appropriately.

What about acrylic TV stands? Is its functionality equally as great as its aesthetics? Does it fit most TV sizes and interior designs? Let’s explore all these in this article!

First of All, Do I Need a TV Stand?

Of course, you do! Although TV mounts do a better job of securely attaching your television to a wall in a single location, current televisions come with many additional components that need to be stored someplace. And it is where a TV stand comes into the picture.

Still not convinced? Here are the benefits of having a TV stand inside your living room.

You Can Watch TV Conveniently With a Stand

It is essential that you position your television in a location that allows you to see it at all times clearly. You will not enjoy watching TV if you sit in an awkward posture the whole time.

With the help of a TV stand, you may modify the height of your television and position it in any room you choose.

It is easy to move the television away from children and adjust its height so that they have a more comfortable viewing experience when they do watch television. This feature may be helpful for families.

It Doubles as a Stylish Furniture

The most attractive feature of TV stands is that you may select from hundreds of styles for a TV stand that will complement your interior decor.

A stand made of wood is a good choice if your house has a more classic aesthetic, while a TV stand made of steel is a good choice if your home has a more contemporary aesthetic.

If you are more into a room’s clean, modern look, you should consider canvassing a clear acrylic TV stand. There may be a lot of nice acrylic TV stands out there, but you must not discount their size, weight capacity, and specific material used in your considerations.

It Provides You Safety

Another essential thing you must consider while living with kids is their safety. If you put your TV on a table without a suitable stand, there is a danger of an accident if they play close to the TV. A wall-mounted TV may cause a lot of harm to the wall.

A prudent course of action would be to invest in a TV stand equipped with an appropriate mount. It will allow you to securely fasten the television to a stable base and modify the height at any time without putting anybody in danger.

It is Portable

A TV stand will save you a lot of time and work if you seek mobility in your furniture. If you just have one television in your house and move it about rather often from one location to another, a stand will make it much easier for you to transport your television from one room to another.

You need to lock the television stand after you have finished relocating it. It will ensure that the television does not move while you are watching your preferred shows and movies in the convenience of your bedroom.

What Should be my Considerations in Choosing a TV Stand For my House?

It is easy to get overwhelmed while searching for the ideal TV stand since such a vast variety of options are available. Today, we will provide a guide to help you find a suitable TV stand for your household.


When shopping for a TV stand, one of the first things you should consider is the optimum height for your device. You will need to consider the dimensions of your television and the optimal viewing angle for your preferences.

The most comfortable position will be determined by the height of your chairs and/or couch. However, as a general rule of thumb, the center of your display should be just below or positioned at eye level.

You can determine the correct height for your television by taking measurements from the ground to your eye level and subtracting half of the TV’s height. This should give you the right height for your television, give or take a few millimeters.

When it comes to floating TV stands, they are typically suspended between 36 and 42 inches from the ground. However, how high you set your floating stand depends on what is most comfortable for you.


The width is the accompanying factor to take into account. How wide should the space around your TV be? To ensure that your television will fit securely on a cabinet, the unit should be more or less 20 percent longer than the length of your television.

Because of this, we recommend that you look for a cabinet or stand that is wide enough to keep the TV comfortably balanced and has sufficient space for the television and the other entertainment boxes.

If your television has a screen size of 42 inches, then the width of your TV stand must be at least 50 inches to comply with the 20 percent guideline.


Generally, a TV’s size and weight are directly proportional. The weight of the television increases in proportion to its size.

It is essential to verify the weight limitations on your TV set before making a purchase, mainly if the material is glass since glass surfaces are often not resistant to breaking. Wood will be safer from breaking, but it does not always go with the house’s other interior decorations. Another safer option to consider would be an acrylic TV table.

For an added layer of protection, you may also want to consider mounting your television set to the wall.

Type of TV Stands

There is a wide variety of furniture to choose from when it comes to displaying your television, including closed, corner, and floating cabinets, to mention just a few available options.

The maxim that “one size fits all” does not apply to TV stands, which is why corner units are fantastic options if you need to make the most of the space you have available or if you want to make the room seem larger without taking up an excessive amount of space.

Not to mention the amount of storage space that specific corner units provide for you automatically. Because stands are often in the shape of rectangles or squares, we advise that the edges be made sufficiently accident-proof to safeguard those fragile, such as young children and animals.

Color and Style

Your living room lacks a decorative statement, and a TV cabinet is an ideal solution to improve your entertainment experience while also providing your décor an additional dose of elegance.

TV units are now available in various forms, making it possible to choose one that complements almost any home design aesthetic, whether industrial, Scandi, modern, or cottagecore. A clear plastic TV stand is one way to go if you want a safe option because it can blend in with most home designs.

Examining the color of your couch, drapes, or flooring is an excellent way to get the ball rolling when making the selection. If these components have a softer tone, then you’ll have more leeway in selecting a color scheme for the TV stand that goes with it.

If the color of these things is darker, preferring a lighter choice, such as white, silver, or even gold, will look better in your living area. This is especially true if the current color scheme is darker.

Material and Finishing

It is essential to consider not just the unit’s color but also its construction since a significant amount of the unit’s overall aesthetic may be conveyed merely by the design of the legs or the positioning of the storage drawers. Glass, wood, and, more recently, acrylic TV stands are some of your options.

The material you decide to use will be determined by various criteria, one of which is safety. In most cases, robust units include those with wood finishes, durable units include those made of glass, and stable units include acrylic or lucite.

It is essential, however, to consider the typical worries about jagged edges, glass units, durability, and positioning of vulnerable home members, such as children and pets.

Acrylic Vs. Lucite: Is There a Difference Between The Two?

I’ve also heard about the lucite TV table. Is it the same as the acrylic TV table?

There is no discernible difference between Lucite and acrylic, although lucite is only the most superior kind of acrylic that is currently available. There is no way to tell the quality of a firm’s acrylic items unless you see the product itself, even if the company advertises that they offer acrylic products.

Lucite is a unique acrylic and arguably can be the best so far. For a significant amount of time, glass was the material of choice for transparent household fixtures. Glass gradually became less common due to the creation and introduction of lucite home and business fixtures and acrylic furniture.

Presently, Lucite continues to find various applications in home furnishing, mainly as a result of the material’s robustness and the fact that it is resistant to breaking, which makes it a more secure choice for usage as furniture and functional components.

Lucite is a material used because of its strength. However, it is also very flexible, weighs less than glass, and is even more transparent than glass. It is the material of choice for producing luxurious household gear like a TV stand or acrylic TV console because of all these features, but mainly since it is non-toxic, lightweight, and malleable.

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