Miami-based jewelry designer Alexis Dawn Geller’s biggest inspiration when developing the concept for ROXHOUSE is drawn mainly from nature in its true natural beauty.   All ROXHOUSE pieces that feature gemstones are natural and sourced by Geller herself, all over the world from exotic places such as Hong Kong, Brazil, Egypt and Japan.  ROXHOUSE defines the perfect balance of masculine and feminine elements in each piece while keeping the designs classy and edgy at the same time.  The collections consist of necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and watches for men and women.  .  ROXHOUSE is now available at two retail spaces, Blush Boutique and SOFI Salon.  Geller hopes to expand to ten retail spaces within the next year.  ROXHOUSE has already been seen on some celebrities and some have even requested custom pieces from the line. For additional information please visit www.roxhouse.com

What’s your background?

I am a Florida Native, Jewish Russian, Polish and Austrian.

How did you start Roxhouse?

Roxhouse started as a hobby long ago. The feeling of creating a beautiful funky piece of jewelry is unexplainable. My creative energy is focused on designing to match the vision in my head.  I started incorporating my designs into my daily wardrobe and people would offer to buy the piece right off my neck or wrist. Soon I realized, the happiest I could ever be would be spending my life designing jewelry for others.

Most challenging part?

Creating the pieces all by myself is challenging. I create each piece by hand because I want to ensure the quality is perfect because that’s what a ROXHOUSE customer deserves. I get very large orders but the crunch time is what seems to bring about the best pieces so the challenging times are actually the most productive times.

How do you approach a new collection?

Depending on the season, the trends and the coolest stones I can find at the time, determines where I am going with a collection.

Who is someone you admire?

I admire my grandfather who invented the rolodex even though he was blind. He had a disability, learned he needed to work with it, and invented something that would make his life much easier. He eventually sold the idea to rolodex which provided millions of people with a tool that would improve their business routine.

3 things I cant live without:

My jewelry tools (the strong need to create something is on the daily), my kindle (I read constantly), and my phone…. Always need to stay in communication with friends and family, my biggest supporters.

Spare time?

I spend my spare time searching for gemstones, searching for new ideas, reading, laying out, working out, and going out with friends.

What’s your favorite quote:

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”:  Ghandi

I am a social worker by trade. I try to live my life in a way that is contributing to the solution, not the problem.

Beauty essentials: Love MAC makeup! Any new product that comes out, I have to try. But the most important ones to me now are SPF (hot summer days) and skin products. I want to be a hot old lady one day.

Guilty pleasure: I like it get lost in reality shows. Everyone says ‘they aren’t really reality” but the truth is, they are a lot closer to it then most of the dramas and comedies on tv. I enjoy watching people’s behaviors and reactions to situations.

Favorite song: Any Zac Brown. He is my favorite artist. His songs are uplifting and his voice is raspy yet smooth. I can listen to him all day. He has a great perspective on life and then signs about it.

Favorite music: Country and hip hop. Very different styles but both hit the two moods I switch between daily.

Food: The thought of pizza never leaves my mind. I am OBSESSED. But I also love sushi and the fun way of eating it.

Travel destination: I am dying to go to Thailand. I feel the pull inside that I must go there soon. Like something is waiting for me there or something.  It is full of energy and just beautiful. My eyes need to be gifted with that.

Movie: I love all comedies but the one I can’t seem to ever turn off when I catch it on is Good Will Hunting.,

TV series: I just started Orange is the new black. Its hysterical and reminds me of the many clients I have had in my life in my social work career.

Restaurant: I love sushi samba actually. I love the energy, the food, the different flavors, and the overall atmosphere – I feel like I am at a lively party when I am there.

Sports team: Obviously the HEAT. Always and forever.

Tell us about your new line Ruckus for Roxhouse:

Ruckus for Roxhouse came about from meeting a man/artist that appreciated funky and unique fashion. With the already existing respect I had for Ruckus, I was truly humbled when i learned he was a fan of Roxhouse.

Ruckus appreciates the beauty in gemstones and the energy they possess. Ruckus truly encompasses all the characteristics Roxhouse intends to express. His style, his confidence, his passion, and his creativity initiated the unique collection.

How was working with him?

Working with Ruckus is very smooth, easy, and fun. Just being in Ruckus’ presence, one can’t help but feel energized and positive. He is always smiling, always engaging, and always has excellent refreshing ideas. He is truly an absolute pleasure to work with and I Have learned a great deal from him.

Where can we buy them:

SOFI salon, Blush Boutique, and my online store roxhouse.com

What is next for Roxhouse?

You can expect to see Roxhouse decorating many celebrities that are looking for that new and exciting accessory for their everyday look or their red carpet look.

Roxhouse will be the ultimate gift for guys and girls people are excited to receive and even more excited to gift.   Any Roxhouse piece can be customized.