Having a new pet is the most exciting thing you will ever feel. The joy of having someone to be there with you and to care for is rewarding. However, it is also a huge responsibility and you need to know a lot of things to properly take care of your dog. You should research everything and make sure that you are knowledgeable enough before you bring your dog home. You might be surprised at all the things you need to know about pet care. This list will help you know the essentials that every dog owner should know.

1. Get Appropriate Dog Food

This is the most important thing you need to know as a pet owner. Your dog will get the nutrition value they need according to them to grow healthy and active. You should be aware that there are different types of dog food for every type of dog. Smaller breed dogs and big breed dogs don’t have the same nutritional requirement. Big breeds like American bully dogs have different food to support their needs. Smaller breeds on the other side have pet food made according to their size since they are prone to gastrointestinal problems.

2. Follow Recommended Vaccinations

Vaccinations will be a good way to avoid any future illnesses. You should consistently follow the recommended vaccinations for your dog. Dogs needed vaccines are; core vaccines for Distemper, Adenovirus/Hepatitis, Rabies and Parvovirus, and non-core vaccines which are Leptospirosis, Canine Influenza, and Bordetella. Also, they should be dewormed regularly for worm prevention.

3. Invest in Leash or Harness

Having a leash or harness makes you have full control over your dog outside. It can save your dog’s life from all of the unexpected things that may occur when you are working. Moreover, you can acclimate your new dog using indoor leash training. There are plenty of benefits to investing in a leash or harness for your dog. It is also courteous to wear one for the sake of your neighbors. Dogs don’t mind wearing leashes, harness, or collar as long as you pick the right one for them.

4. Buy the Right Toys

Toys for dogs are not just for the sake of playing them. Most of the toys that are made for dogs have a dual purpose. The most common ones are toys that can be used to clean their teeth. Dental chews and tooth-friendly toys are very beneficial for your dog. Also, when buying toys for them make sure that it is not made of toxic materials since they will be biting and gnawing it most of the time.

5. Cleaning Products

Be prepared to invest in cleaning products both for your dog and your home. You should keep your dog clean and your environment clean so your dog can be healthy. For your home, you need a dog odor remover and stain remover. This is important if you want to keep your home clean odor-free. If you have a thick coat and furry dog you should also invest in a vacuum cleaner. In keeping your dog clean, buy shampoos, and soap that is suitable for your dog’s coat.

Having a pet is a huge responsibility and will require a lot of your time, effort, and money. You should make sure that before you decide to get a dog, you are fully prepared for everything.