The two places you likely spend the most of your time is at work and in your home. What you do in each place and your daily habits carry over into each environment. It’s best to remain consistent and come up with practices that are enhancing your wellbeing.

This way you can perform your best when you’re busy at work or attending to tasks at home. Living a healthy lifestyle is all about making the right choices. Set yourself up for success by being aware of what behaviors you’re performing on any given day. See what you should do to better your health at work and around your home.

Take Breaks

Have pride in the fact that you’re someone who likes to take breaks. Remove the stigma that you’re lazy and don’t try as hard if you take breaks. Your brain needs downtime, and it can’t always be turned on at full speed if you want to function at your maximum capacity. Get up from your desk and learn to sit and rest at home when you’re running around for a long time. These short periods of relaxation will refresh you, and you’ll feel better instantly.

Clean on A Regular Basis

Although you may have cleaning people at your office, it’s a good idea to wipe down your desk, computer and phone consistently. Germs have a way of dividing and conquering in environments like an office building. The same goes for you at home. Have a schedule you follow for cleaning the house, vacuuming, dusting and doing laundry. If you have pets, use Advecta medicine to eliminate and control pests in your home. You’re not only protecting your pet from these nuisances, but also your family.

Eat Nutritious Foods

Do yourself a favor by eating healthy foods throughout the day. Cook meals at home and pack a lunch to avoid the temptation of eating out. When you eat out, you’re not only spending money, but you’re usually consuming larger portions and more calories than what your body needs. Make sure your snack drawer at work is always full of healthy grains, fruits and vegetables, in case you get hungry. Get into trying new recipes at home and make it part of your routine to offer healthy options to you and your family at dinner time.


The idea here is to move more, especially if you have a desk job. Take the stairs, walk at lunch and get up once in a while to stretch your legs. Pick a time during the day that’s convenient for you to exercise and break a sweat. Join a yoga class near your office, find a gym or run outside, if that’s what you prefer. Making exercise a part of your life will get your body in better shape, help you de-stress and put you in a better mood. You have a lot to gain when you move working out to the top of your list.

Drink Water

Focus on drinking more water no matter where you are. It’s easy when you’re at the office or home to locate it and keep it near you. Avoid sodas, juices and other sugary drinks that only drain your energy and make you feel sluggish at the end of the day. Hydrate with tea, water or flavored water and experience higher levels of energy and better skin. A good habit to get into is counting how many glasses of water you have a day, so you stay on track. Start your morning off with a tall glass of water before you have your coffee, and set the right tone for the rest of the day.

Stay Organized

Being organized leads to less stress, both at work and in your home. Know where your belongings are at all times and save yourself a lot of headaches. You’ll look better to your boss and feel better knowing you have it together. All it takes is an extra day or two to locate, organize and label your files and important items. Pick a weekend and gather storage bins and tools that are going to help you sort through your possessions at home and get them in order. Have a system, so you can keep up when life gets busy, and you have a lot going on at home and the office.

Practice Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is a great exercise because you can practice it anywhere, anytime. Keep it in mind as a tool to use when you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed out. It’s perfect for using right before a big presentation, running a race or when you come home from a long day of work, and your house is a mess. Breathe deeply and experience an instant release of worry and anxiety. You’ll start to relax slowly, your palms will become less sweaty, and you’ll feel your pulse begin to stop racing so fast. Count to five slowly if it helps you concentrate more on what you’re doing. Take this with you no matter where you are and enjoy the comfort it brings.

Establish A Sleep Schedule

If you want to have improved health and do better at your job and at home, then you have to focus on getting better sleep. Establish a sleep schedule and get used to going to bed and waking up at the same time each day. This will train your body to naturally be tired at night at a certain time, and be ready to tackle your day at a particular time in the morning. Unplug from your devices and read a book or meditate to slow your mind before bed. Configure your bedroom, so it’s welcoming for a good night’s sleep.


These are a just a few great options for you to implement as you work toward better health and wellness. Changing your habits is a slow process, so be patient with yourself. This is what you should do to better your health at work and around your home.