Interview with MTV Reality Show Star gorgeous brazilian Camila Nakagawa who can be seen on this season of “The Challenge: Rivals III” (MTv’s Real World spin-off). The fiery Brazilian bombshell just wrapped up her 8th season on the show in Mexico, and is currently working on funding a documentary with a great cause. Camila plans to film this documentary during the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil, which will showcase not only the beautiful aspects of Brazil, but the plight of Brazil’s many street children.

Get to know more about Camila next.

Hi Camila, please tell us a little about you?

Well, of course! :”) I was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I am 27 years old. Own a spa in Miami called Clean Start Miami. I went to the University of Lincoln Nebraska to play soccer until I was discovered by MTV. I love sports, I played varsity soccer, tennis and volleyball in high school. I love my family and I miss them so dearly since most of them live in Brazil and I live in the US.

Describe yourself in 3 words?

Raw, passionate, loyal.

Who has been the biggest influence on your life?

My mom.

What is the biggest highlight of your career?

Opening my first spa, yoga studio and herb shop. It was a very proud moment in my life.

But also producing my own documentary, a new series and writing a new book is a big leap and totally out of my element which is extremely exciting. I love doing things that challenge me. :”)

What is your favorite healthy food?

Salmon spinach/kale salad seared with olive oil and salt & pineapple curry chicken with zucchini noodles and coconut milk.

And your favorite cheat food?

Sushi, french fries, chips. #yumm

What is your best body part?

My brazilian butt.

What is your favorite part about competing in The Challenge?

Competing in heights over water challenges. The crazier the better!

How did you got selected for the show?

I went on my first spring break in Acapulco, Mexico. MTV was there and they did competition that was this mini version of the challenge and I participated in it with some friends from the university of Nebraska and we ended up winning. About one month later I got a call from BMP inviting me to participate on the challenge Cutthroat. I was raised without being allowed to watch mtv so I had no idea what the show was about, they said you get paid to travel and compete, are you in? haha I said yes instantly. So out of nowhere, and completely life changing.

If you had the chance to compete on any other reality show which one would it be and why?

Survivor. I love being pushed to my limits and I think that show def forces you to find ways to survive even when your body and your mind is saying that you can’t and I think that would be just an experience of a lifetime.

…and then of course, Dacing with the Stars would be a dream come true. I was raised dancing – who am i kidding… I’m brazilian, I prob came out of the womb dancing haha – I would love the opportunity to dance on a more professional level, it would be so much fun!

In five years from now, where do you see yourself and your career?

I don’t know to be honest. All I know is that I want to live for what matters, and I want to pursue a life where I fight to accomplish everything I have ever dreamed of and I can only pray to God that I am able to utilize the platform I was given to help others and to help bring awareness to some of the amazing organizations out there who are dedicating their lives to help others.

Are you exited for the Olympics in Brazil? And you attending the events?

OH my god! SO EXCITED!! I feel so blessed to attend my first olympic event ever in my home country. It will be such an amazing experience. It’s going to be such an epic event, and I am so excited to be attending for the first time in my life.

What do you can share to our readers about Brazil and why they should visit?

Think beautiful view, beautiful women, beautiful men and amazing food. #paradise Brazilians know how to party. No matter what the situation is, they will always find an excuse to have a good time.

Who is your biggest beauty inspiration?

Hmm… this is a tough one. I was raised very very religious and I was not allowed to ever wear makeup. So growing up I never cared about makeup, I was always that girl in school hanging out with the boys, playing soccer in a sweatshirt and hair in a pony tail.

…That being said, I love the way the Kardashians are aways on point with their makeup, and even though at times I think that’s a bit much for me, it def reminds me that first impressions matter, especially in the business world that I am in and that when we look good we do feel good. I

Who are some of your favorite models and designers, and why?

I love gisele bundchen because she is just naturally fabulous and before she became big, she was denied so many times because of her nose but she never gave up and became what she is today.

What are your makeup bag staples when traveling?

Simple. tinted spf by IMAGE. light foundation by NAKED. cream blush. highlight (always helps me look more awake, i dab a little on my cheek bones and in the inner conner of my eyes and viola! chapstick. nude lipstick and always carry a red one even though i never wear it hehe. Always carry my brow powder with me… I used to never use it, and ever since i discovered the miracle it does to making us look wide awake and more put together it changed my life! and of course mascara. always wear mascara. If I had to take one thing with me it would def be mascara. Very rarely do I wear eye liner but I always bring it with me for night outs, I prefer liquid but I do use pencil sometimes. Shadow also always makes for a perfect liner replacement and looks super natural. the more natural the better for me, and I’ve suffered from acne so i try to let my skin breath as much as I can.

What’s next for Camila?

Taking over the world!! hehe. Producing my own documentary, web series and book amongst some other projects that I must keep secret for now. :”)

Do you support any charity?

Yes, I support a few different charities. Some include street child united, skate for change, value up, project favela, medgift, men with dreams amongst others.

You idea of a perfect Sunday?

2 words: junk. food. There is just something freeing about sundays that makes me feel like I can do anything I want. There is no better time to eat junk food

3 things you can’t leave home without?

Chapstick, credit card, iPhone 6plus

What do you think of Social Media?

Such a love hate relationship. At times I embrace and at others it just feels too busy and noisy. I feel like my brain needs a break from so much information sometimes. It’s a non stopping world you know, it never stops. But I love pictures so Instagram is def my favorite one of them all. Even though i spend most of my time on snapchat since it’s the one that requires the least amount of work.

Where we can follow you?

Instagram: @camilamtv

Twitter: @camilamtv




Favorite food: Sushi

Song: “smelly cat” by: phoebe from friends

Travel destination: Thailand

Celebrity Crush: Jennifer Aniston

Restaurant: Indian or Japanese

Actor/Actress: Ryan Gosling / Sandra Bullock

Quote: When is now.

Book: The Alchemist

Movie: Finding nemo


Alcoholic: Red Wine, jamison shots or mimosas

Non alcoholic: water & coffee. I’m coffee obsessed