The advent of the pandemic brought about a lot of problems and changed the way of living for many, including the introduction of a new way of work. One can now work remotely at any location which allows a person more flexibility in their life. With this newfound freedom, a lot of people are taking the liberty to work from home, hotels, Airbnb, or even a yacht.
Be it as a result of a vacation or for a change of scenery, you can live on a yacht for several days. Several affluent families who own private boats tend to do so every so often when going on vacation. If you are looking for something a bit more cost-friendly, then a private yacht rental could be the best option for you. Some considerations to think about are as follows:

1. Having a crew on board

This decision will eventually come down to why you want to rent the yacht. If you had a mind to go out on vacation, then the last thing you want to think about is performing cabin duties such as cleaning, cooking, and setting sail daily. For such a case, chartering a crewed boat may be the better option for you. While selecting a crew, think about some of your objectives for the trip, as you want to make sure you have the right chemistry. Have conversations about dietary requirements beforehand as well as the routes to be taken to avoid unpleasant surprises. Alternatively, you can crew your boat, which will require a lot of work and skills. It is important to carefully consider this and ensure you are up to the task before going for it.

2. Consider the type of boat

One of the factors that will influence this decision will be the number of people on board. If you are just looking to enjoy a family vacation then you will not require that big of a boat. The inverse applies if you are hosting a large party such as an anniversary or celebrating a big business move. Keep in mind your total number of guests including the crew, to ensure that you do not have a cramped boat. In addition, the power source of the boat is another key factor. Motorized boats are often recommended for new sailors, as it makes them easier for them to navigate. Wind sailing is also an option, however, it is more suitable for a person with sea experience.

3. Destination

Your destination will give you a rough estimate of how long you will be out at sea, which will be critical for planning purposes. It will help shed light on the total number of days you would need to rent out the yacht, and therefore speak to your budget. The size of the boat and the amount of time spent out at sea will speak to the fueling costs, especially for a motorized boat. It will also help you know how often you need to stop, and how long you can take at each stop. The duration to be spent out at sea is also key in packing up sufficient supplies such as food and toiletries.

4. Do additional due diligence

For additional safety measures, it is important to research travel requirements such as visas, especially if your destination is likely to cross international borders. You can also look up reviews for potential charter clients, to help you get good quality service. Keep in mind that some may be inclusive charters where everything is paid upfront, while expense-based charters may have additional expenses for extra features.