Many of us while in our youth look forward to retirement when the time comes. But even though this may seem like a welcomed reprieve after a life spent working, we often don’t take into consideration how our bodies age. And by the time we make it to retirement, we may not be able to enjoy it as fully as we once envisioned.

If your loved ones have reached retirement age and are beginning to have issues with caring for themselves. It may be time to have some serious conversations and make difficult decisions. But thankfully, there are options when it comes to coping with age.

After a life spent working, taking the time to ensure that you’re safe and comfortable during retirement becomes the main focus. And unfortunately, many people don’t consider this until faced with it after age 65.

Here, we’ll discuss a few options that you and your loved one should talk about regarding aging and living arrangements.

Nursing Home Life

Often considered a last resort, nursing homes provide constant care for the elderly that can no longer safely care for themselves, and for those with no living relatives to rely on. But placing your aging loved one in a nursing home is a serious decision that should not be taken lightly.

For example, many elderly advocacy groups look poorly on nursing facilities because many lack the resources required to adequately care for all of the residents. And though all nursing homes differ, you want to ensure that you properly vet each nursing home and take a close look at its reputation before deciding to place your loved one in a nursing home.

On the bright side, many nursing homes care very well for their residents and offer 24/7 on-site medical care, offer activities for residents, and have great reputations for the care that they provide. And this is why research is needed before any decisions are made on behalf of your loved one.

Aging in Place

The most preferred option for anyone in their golden years is to stay put and continue living in the home that they’ve bought and paid for over a lifetime of hard work. But unfortunately, this is only possible if your loved one is capable of caring for him or herself properly.

Additionally, you also need to ensure that your loved one has an adequate support network nearby just in case any complications arise.

For example, slipping and falling is common among seniors. In fact, it’s been estimated that a person will have at least one slip and fall after age 65 each year. And the instances of this happening increase with age.

If aging in place is an option, having a safe network of friends, family, and caring neighbors is essential. And so is making sure that the home is decluttered and modified if necessary for it to be a safe place for your loved one to live in.

Living with family

If you prefer to take a more active role in the care of your loved one, and you’re able to do so, having them live with you is always a welcomed option. And though this may require a period of adjustment for everyone living in the home, your loved one included, staying with family is one of the more preferred methods.

The good news is, by having your aging loved one stay with you, you can stay on top of their health and wellness, and cater to their needs more effectively.

A few things that you may need to do when choosing to have your loved one live in your home are as follows:

  • Taking them to doctor visits
  • Hire an at-home health specialist
  • Ensure they have activities to occupy their time
  • Make sure they’re comfortable
  • Ensuring they have a space of their own for privacy
  • Ensuring your home is safe and accommodating

Electing to have your elderly loved one live with you is a choice that you and your household should make together. And this is because it could affect the lives of everyone in the home in ways that you may not think of in the beginning.

Aging is a process that every living thing must endure. And none of us knows how aging will affect us throughout our lives. But if your loved one’s care and health are a priority, carefully considering the aforementioned options is the best way forward.