A dental procedure should not involve oral examinations, appropriate treatments, and rests. Instead, you can spice up your treatment process by taking a tour of the city you visit.

Turkey boasts of quality and affordable treatment. In addition, medical tourism allows you to see beautiful tourist attractions without bleeding your pocket. So, if you are considering getting a dental procedure in Turkey, you can include a holiday in your plans.

What Is A Dental Holiday Turkey Package?

Dental holiday packages make it easy for you to combine dental care and vacation. These packages cover the cost of your treatment, dentist fees, anesthesia fees, hotel stay, and transportation to and fro the dental clinic. Some packages even include professional translation and tour guides.

Usually, these packages are customizable to suit your specific needs. Some clinics even offer discounts and promotions to give you a seamless holiday.

Why Does Turkey Offer Dental Holiday Packages?

The cost of dental treatment in foreign countries, especially the USA and UK, is high. However, these costs are more affordable in Turkey, thanks to government support and medical tourism. As a result, you can save up to 70% on treatment costs.

Furthermore, medical tourism allows patients to get dental care while exploring the country. Many dental clinics offer competitive packages to make your stay seamless. In addition, these clinics are equipped with the latest technology that improves healthcare. Here are three things to know about dental tourism in turkey https://dentakay.com/dental-tourism-turkey/

How Long Does A Dental Holiday Last In Turkey?

The length of your dental holiday depends on the type of dental treatment you are undergoing. Some procedures, like teeth whitening, do not take as long as dental implants. Nevertheless, on average, a dental holiday should last about two weeks. This period gives you enough time to get treatment, rest, and tour the city.

What Cities Can You Visit For A Dental Holiday In Turkey?

Turkey has over 500 official cities. And there are cities with fascinating tourist attractions and dental packages. Some of the top cities you can visit in Turkey include;


Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey and spans Asia and Europe. As the only city in the world on two continents, Istanbul has several tourist attractions. In addition, the city has impressive architecture, shopping, nightlife, and dining.

You can shop at the Grand Bazaar and visit the old and new cities. The old city has the most impressive historical sites while the new city has modern-day attractions.

Besides the impressive holiday sites, Istanbul is famous for its excellent dental treatments. Dentakay dental clinic, a famous dental centre in Istanbul, offers holiday packages that cover your hotel, transportation, and dental treatment.


Antalya is a beautiful, vibrant city with several beaches and mountains. You can sail, swim, visit numerous resorts, and shop in the city. The Old Quarter allows you to see the city’s ancient past. You can visit the Clock tower, old temples, churches, and mosques.

Although Antalya is much smaller than Istanbul, it still has its fair share of reputable dental clinics like Dentakay. These clinics offer luxurious packages that will make your stay memorable.


Izmir is another top city for a dental holiday. You can get your dental treatment while you enjoy activities like windsurfing and touring. You can also access museums, the Kemeralti bazaar, the Yali Mosque, and the Church of St. Polycarp.

Dental treatments available in Izmir range from veneers to jaw rejuvenation.


A popular travel destination, Cappadocia is known for its landscape formed from ancient volcanic eruptions. Located in the Nevsehir province, this city has unusual formations that look like pinnacles, cones, and mushrooms. The city offers numerous attractions, including museums, underground tunnels, monasteries, and rock castles.

Besides its tourist attraction, Cappadocia offers exquisite dental clinics with expert dentists. You can rest assured of quality dental treatment, including dental implants, crowns, and veneers. You can also get root canal treatment and tooth extractions.


Bodrum was once home to the Mausoleum. After falling to ruins, the city was revamped to attract people worldwide. As a result, the city has stunning beaches and exquisite resorts. In addition, you can visit the ancient amphitheatre, the Bodrum castle, and shopping centres.

Although Bodrum does not have many dental clinics, dental treatment is comprehensive and efficient. You can get dental veneers, implants, crowns, and teeth whitening in Bodrum.


Marmaris is a popular seaside resort. The city has sandy beaches, clear waters, mountains, and a picture-perfect landscape. You can participate in water sports, boating tours, and horse safaris. In addition, Marmaris offers sightseeing opportunities, exquisite dining, and buzzing nightlife.

Marmaris is also relaxing. You can enjoy the water parks and Turkish baths to pamper and relax. The restaurants also feature fine cuisines that would keep you wanting more.

Although Marmaris is a small town, it has hundreds of dental clinics with exceptional treatments at affordable costs. In addition, you can get dental implants, laminate veneers, dental crowns, and bridges in the city.

How To Choose A Dental Clinic In Turkey

Although Turkey offers excellent dental care, some clinics are below standard and looking to exploit tourists. Fortunately, with thorough research, you won’t have to fall into their hands.

Before choosing a dental clinic, request proof of board certification. Board-certified clinics are safe and professional; any clinic with this certification will be proud to show it. It would be best if you also asked for social proof.

Certified and legitimate clinics will show their client testimonials and reviews. They will also provide videos explaining their procedures and a virtual clinic tour.

Another way to search for certified clinics is to check their Google reviews. Detailed comments addressing the work ethic, staff, and dentist are the best. Unfortunately, short comments are most times ingenuine and fake.


Don’t let your dental treatment limit your activities. You can get appropriate care while sightseeing and enjoying the culture and tourist attractions. Book a consultation today to customize your dental holiday package and know what promotions are available.