2019 promises to be an innovative, eye-catching year for fashion. The accessory options are especially eclectic, creating an interesting blend of mod, boho, and chic. While a few looks are throwbacks to the recent past, others are a mix of decades gone by and decades to come.

This array of futuristic-meets-traditional creates an opportunity for creativity and self-expression that fits in with the times. Here are five spring accessory trends for 2019.

Silver Rings

Finger rings have become increasingly more popular over the past year, and that trend will continue in 2019. However, the elaborate array of eye-catching rings is diminishing for a more subtle approach. This is largely in part to some of the overpowering fashion accessory trends further down on this list; the subtle rings offset the new, bold choices.

Boutiques and fashionistas alike will be stocking up on wholesale sterling silver rings, for a mix-and-match look that still draws attention to a fresh manicure without detracting from the overall aesthetic.

Shades of Purple

Purple accessories are making a strong comeback in the spring of 2019, ranging from mauve and lavender pastels to deep, rich shades of plum. Trendsetters are incorporating purples into their footwear, handbags, and scarves for a pop of color that’s hard to ignore. This trend is expected to carry on through the summer for a fresh look that is pure 2019.

Purple shoes are perhaps the most prevalent of this accessory trend, which fits in nicely with the style shift toward a more go-go style chunky heel as well as a skater-esque, futuristic approach on sneakers. Sneakers are another high-fashion trend that’s blurring the lines between the runway and streetwear.


Those who love the ultra-feminine, traditional look of pearls are in luck, because they’re making a strong comeback. Pearls are being adapted to all sorts of looks, from the edgy rocker vibe to a modern business woman aesthetic. Chunky necklaces, drop earrings, hoops, and hair clips are all being adorned with this timeless trend.

For perhaps the first time, pearls are transitioning between styles and being used as a versatile accessory piece. It’s expected that this trend will transition from the runway, to the streets, to the wedding industry by the end of 2019. Chunky gold jewelry with bold, oversized pearls is especially popular as the season heats up.

Abstract Bags and Glasses

This year, it’s all about angles. Both handbags and glasses are becoming more abstract, with geometric shapes and a 3D effect becoming more prominent. Handbags and purses, in particular, are becoming a leading conversation piece and a way to customize one’s flair and stand apart from the other trends. It won’t be uncommon to see high-fashion trendsetters carrying bohemian-meets-mod basket purses while others carry around replicas of dinosaurs and Rubik’s cubes.

The simplicity of aviators and oversized round glasses are a thing of the past. This spring and summer, add brightly colored triangles and hexagons to your repertoire. The look is a blend of the 1960s and what could very well be the 2060s; a combination of dated and futuristic.

Fanny Packs

In a fast-paced society, who doesn’t want a convenient, hands-free approach to carrying things around? The modern fanny-pack isn’t the cheap canvas tourist staple of old. Rather, the modern fanny pack is designed with the care and attention of favored designer purses and handbags. Smooth leather and trendy clips and belts are making what was once a fashion faux pas a sexy, functional accessory.

The fashion trends of spring 2019 and beyond seem to draw inspiration from every decade, even those that haven’t happened yet. Take this opportunity to be bold and express yourself!