The last couple of years, are all about the eco-friendly movements, uniting nature-conscious people together in achieving one goal. People tend to think that they have it all figured out by carrying around the sustainable alternatives instead of plastic bags. Although we praise the conscious and nature-protecting people like yourself, we would like to introduce a couple of ideas that would also highly benefit Mother Earth.

All of us living on this planet can contribute to the health of our surroundings by consuming less meat, walking instead of driving, recycling, meditating, and last but not the least, by joining the new emerging eco-shaving movement.

That’s right. Even your hair removal technique can impact the environment, and that’s exactly what we’re going to cover.

Going ‘zero waste’ in your bathroom

We are all aware that most of the people shave every day, not giving much of a thought about the environment. Eco shaving might not seem as appealing as meditating for the prevention of global warming, but it is as equally important. Sustainable living means you are fully aware of the consequences of your choices. Making small changes in your everyday life, such as removing the hair using biodegradable products, creates the perfect ripple effect. There are numerous reasons why you should substitute your standard shaving cream with a plant-based one. The traditional creams are full of chemicals that not only irritate the skin, but the entire aquatic ecosystem. On the other hand, natural creams contain organic skin-nourishing ingredients that improve one’s overall health. We all agree this is a win-win situation, right?

Sustainable shaving options

Safety razors are both environmentally and user-friendly and usually come in a sophisticated design. Going for a greener alternative with this razor instead of using disposable ones, makes a world of difference in the nature protection sector. Although it comes in a beautiful shade of rose gold, its main feature is the permanent and comfortable solution that suits a zero-waste lifestyle. You can use it with the organic soap, and pamper your skin with the finest ingredients from nature. Why go for a cheap and quick alternative when you can invest in a beautifully designed reusable product that will do a better job and protect the environment? By combining high-quality reusable products with a good hair removal method, you are also lowering the chances of developing ingrown hair.

Reusing is caring for the planet

Most of the shaving products cannot be recycled, and apart from the environmental effects, think about all the money that you will be spending on shaving. Changing blades or buying waxing strips is not a cheap investment, and it doesn’t even do a proper job of removing the root hair. Using vegan-friendly products for removing unwanted hair is probably the best way to treat dry and reddened skin. Another advantage is the biodegradable material that doesn’t release toxins, therefore, has a very positive environmental impact.

One by one people are slowly waking up and switching to eco-friendly products. Environmentalist heroes around the world keep inspiring the masses to contribute to the planet. Whatever is tossed into a landfill will inevitably impact the quality of the air we breathe and the water we drink, so we should all think twice about implementing efficient zero waste management strategies.