Modern people search engines make heavy use of artificial intelligence (AI) in their day-to-day operations.

Understanding how and to what extent AI helps these sites produce more accurate reports is crucial to HR agencies, private eyes, and other professionals.

How AI is making people search sites better in 2022

AI is the main propeller of people search engines that, unlike Google, can’t rely on SEO to feed users with the most relevant results.

Visual search innovations

Image search has become an integral part of people search websites in 2022, so their admins are doing everything possible to expand the engines’ capabilities in that direction.
When it comes to finding the right person, most people search engine users will feel happier if they could submit a scanned photo of the individual and hit “Enter.”

From Pinterest to deep learning chips

Social media and image-sharing service Pinterest lets users locate entities online by just pointing their device’s or computer’s camera at them.

Pinterest’s state-of-the-art AI-based tool recognizes the entity in the picture and retrieves the most accurate online search results.

The most popular people search sites use mega-powerful servers fitted with the latest generation deep learning chips that let them recognize images more accurately.

The new chip enables online engines to perform deep learning people search algorithms at a rate of trillions of calculations per second.

Self-improving people search algorithms.

AI-based people search engines can improve and adjust their algorithms on a case-by-case basis with the help of new concepts such as reinforcement learning and program synthesis.

These concepts allow search engines to adjust the scope of their people-finding capabilities based on the information fed by the user.

People search engines have become more accessible.

With the integration of AI-powered technologies such as natural voice recognition, people-finding engines have become more accessible to blind and visually-impaired users.

Retrieving residential addresses, criminal and court records, and employment history is only a tiny part of what a people search does.

Until recently, even this basic information was inaccessible to the visually impaired without third-party assistance.

They can now tell the search engine what they know about the individual, and the AI-based tool will read the retrieved results back to them.

Voice searching opportunities

The human voice is as unique as one’s fingerprints, only far more complex to analyze. With the development of AI-based voice analysis technologies, we can soon have a global voice database, just like the US government has one for fingerprints.

Thus, if you’ve received a harassing voice message, you’ll be able to play it to the people search engine and let its intelligent bots scrape voice storage servers worldwide for a possible match.

Prediction-based people searches

AI technologies are excellent at making predictions based on current patterns. This capability is already heavily exploited by online merchants.

Search for an item to buy online, and your Facebook will be full of similar ads before you know it. AI-powered people finders could use readily available information about a searched individual to predict where they’d go and what they’d do next.

Efficient result processing

The ability to learn from its mistakes makes AI-based search engines far more sophisticated than their predecessors.

They have become less prone to confusing individuals with similar names, so you can rest assured your report is about the right John Smith.

No site unchecked

When an AI-based people finder gets down to business, its bots leave no online stone unturned until they’ve dug out the last bit of information about the individual.

By analyzing the target’s posts from a few years ago and where they were found, the mother processor could pinpoint their latest social media activity with 99.99% accuracy.

Better understanding search queries

in 2022, people search engines can understand your queries better than ever before. Consequently, the reports you get are more targeted and precise.

Criminal and court records are the primary interest of headhunters, but one’s academic path is also of paramount importance to them.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a business partner, you’ll also want to know their past financial history: bankruptcies, defaulted loans, etc.

When composing a report for you, an AI-powered people search engine can prioritize the info you’ve specified and highlight other areas of possible interest.

Supreme risk-analysis capabilities

An intelligent people search report not only contains the information you’ve requested but also includes an analysis and a recommendation on how you should interpret it.

This AI-generated guidance is probably the most significant technological leap the sector has seen in the outgoing 2022.