So, you’ve discovered that you quite enjoy vaping and that you are interested in taking the experience to the next level. You’re not alone! Luckily, it is actually very easy to elevate your vaping experience without having to spend a fortune in the process. Here is how it is done.

Sign Up for a Vape Juice Subscription

This is a cost-effective way to experiment with a host of new vape juice flavors. Signing up for a subscription at zamplebox.com, in particular, means that you will receive a custom vape box every month chockfull of flavors tailored to your personal preferences. Over 200,000 vapers are subscribed, and it’s no wonder. There is a broad array of different plans to choose from, some of which start at less than $1/day and promise up to 70% off normal retail prices.

Don’t Buy Cheap Vape Juice

This is a big rookie mistake. The key to an optimized vape experience is quality over quantity. You might think it is worthwhile investing in a multitude of different flavors and buying a cheaper brand in order to do that, but you will usually find that these cheaper vape juices do not provide a quality flavor. The taste will often be underwhelming due to the use of a lighter carrier liquid.

Plus, many of the cheaper vape juice alternatives are also often filled with unhealthy additives. In short, it is always best to buy a few high-quality vape juices rather than buying plenty of the cheaper versions.

Change Flavors Like a Pro

It is recommended that you clean the coil and tank of your e-cigarette whenever it is time to try a new flavor. This will ensure that you get the full profile of the juice without any influence from the flavor that came before. If you are a vaper who prefers sticking to a specific flavor indefinitely, don’t forget to clean the internal parts of your vape regularly, too.

Experiment with Mixes

Some of the more experienced vapers love to experiment with flavors by mixing their own. They will often buy separate vape juices that they think will merge well together, such as menthol and cherry, and then craft their own unique concoction.

If you are worried about messing up and wasting perfectly good vape juice, you can also buy ready-mixed concoctions. Fruit mixtures are particularly popular right now. Once again, you will need to sample a few different mixes before you can be sure of what you like, hence the reason why it is so worthwhile to sign up for a vape box subscription.


Most people incorporate their vape into their busy lives, often doing it on the go. But true vaping enjoyment can only happen when you allow yourself time to sit back, relax, and focus on what you are doing!

Finally, be sure to maintain your vape or e-cigarette as per the manufacturer’s instructions. In doing so, you will be able to enjoy an elevated vape experience every time you stop to take a puff.