Check out our interview with actor Kaido Lee Roberts who can be seen as the lead actor in the Dhar Mann web series and now has a spin-off show called “Jay & Mikey”. Kaido was also on Netflix’s Family Reunion as well.

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Kaido Lee Roberts

Describe yourself in three words.

If I were to describe myself in 3 words, it would be friendly, funny, and crazy.

How did you get started in acting?

I was watching TV one day and I said to my mom that I’d like to be on TV. So, since I was already homeschooled, and because I was very social, and I had an outgoing personality she said okay,” Let’s give it a try.” Then my parents put me into acting school, got me an agent, a manager, then I started auditioning and began booking roles. It just so happens that the first job I booked was a lead in a short film, and in the giant city of Los Angeles, California the filming coincidentally was a few blocks from my house!

How has acting changed your life?

This question is hard for me to answer, because I have been acting since I was 7 years old and now, I’m 13. So, I pretty much only know my life as an actor. At this point, I can only imagine what my life would look like if wasn’t an actor. I’d probably be in a regular school, and I’d be playing sports.

How challenging was the casting for the Dhar Mann series?

I was first cast to play a boy named Kyle, in a Dhar Mann episode called “Kid Makes Fun of Boy with Autism”, about two and a half years ago. I received the audition from my manager, and I auditioned via self-tape. I ended up getting booked for the part. The video is still very popular and has over 62 million views on YouTube alone to date! It was also the 6th most viral video on YouTube in the year 2021!

Tell us about working in the very popular Dhar Mann web-series.

I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work on so many Dhar Mann episodes. I am grateful that Dhar Mann Production’s has built the “Jay and Mikey” and the “Mischief Mikey” series around my character Mikey Miller’s homelife and friends. At Dhar Mann Studios I was also able to meet, and work with two of my very best friends Shaun Dixon and Brendan Schroeder. Shaun Dixon plays a character named Jay who is my character Mikey’s best friend, and trouble making counterpart. Mikey is a very determined kid, that will stop at nothing to get his way, no mater what the cost. He will resort to lying, cheating, stealing, or scheming in order to get what he wants. There is no action too outrageous or too over-the-top for Mikey. He can sometimes talk his best friend Jay, into going along with some of his devious plans. My character also has a younger brother named Jayden, played by Brendan Schroeder. Jayden is Mikey’s voice of reason; Mikey just chooses not to listen to him. Even though Jayden is a few years younger than Mikey, they are in the same class because Jayden happens to be a genius. There will be two additional series added to the Dhar Mann Universe, Noah’s Arc and Jenius Jayden, both of which I will costar in as Mikey.

Kaido Lee Roberts

Tell us about your new projects “Jay and Mikey” and “Mischief Mikey”

The Jay and Mikey series aired in June of 2023. There were 7 episodes in that series. There will be a new Jay and Mikey series coming out around Christmas time. This series revolves around Jay and Mikey’s friendship, their love interest, and their school activities. It mainly shows how Jay and Mikey deal with middle school along with their friend Noah. The other new series “Mischief Mikey” is scheduled to air September 7, 2023, and it mostly focuses on the kind of mischief Mikey gets into at home. The cast will consist of Mikey’s younger brother Jayden, played by Brendan Schroeder, Mikey’s mother, played by Katherine Norland, and his best friend Jay, played by Shaun Dixon.

What other projects have you been a part of?

Some other projects that I am involved in are, an episode on HBO’s Winning Time The LA Laker’s Dynasty, that recently aired this August; an episode on Apple TV’s A Lesson in Chemistry, which will air in the Fall of 2023; and a short film called Voyager, that was directed by South Korean actress Lee Joo-young, which should be coming out about a year from now. Some of my past projects are an episode on Netflix’s Family Reunion which aired in 2022, as well as dozens and dozens of Dhar Mann episodes, Behind the Scenes, and Reactions videos. Lastly, I have worked on, and continue to work with many YouTube stars such as The Stokes Twins, Ben Azlart, Brent Rivera, and Salish Mater.

Where do you see yourself and your career in 5 years?

I see myself as a high school graduate, and in my first year of college. I still see myself working as an actor, and hopefully I’ll be in a major motion picture by then.

What’s next for Kaido Lee Roberts in the last months of 2023?

Well, I am going to continue filming the next “Jay and Mikey” series as well as costar in other Dhar Mann series such as “Noah’s Arc” and “Jenius Jayden”. There is talk of a feature film, so hopefully that happens.

Where can we follow you?

You can follow me on Instagram @KaidoLeeRoberts. You can also find me on YouTube KaidoLeeRoberts