Check out our interview with talented singer-songwriter Megan Knight who just released her brand-new country-pop single “Good Luck” today!

“Don’t ever settle in life. If you’re ever in a relationship where you feel you’re not being treated right, simply tell them ‘Good Luck’ and have them get a move on with their life.”

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Good Luck - Megan Knight (Official Lyric Video)

Hi Megan, please tell us a little about you.

I’m from a small town in Jersey. I work regularly in Nashville and Muscle Shoals, AL. I got discovered at a backyard party when I was 13 years old which got me in mentorship with a couple of Grammy winners. I’m very grateful for that. They’ve really helped me find myself and my sound.

Who influenced you and why did you choose to make music?

My parents were always very heavily into music even though they were never musicians themselves. Music was always playing in the house, everyone was always singing constantly, a daily occurrence literally like breathing. I chose to pick up a guitar because my Dad had one in the corner he never played so I wanted to teach myself a little. I guess you can say I’ve been making music literally since I could talk. It’s always been a natural thing. I was always singing my own little songs, I just never imagined it could become a career.

Megan Knight

Tell us about your new single “Good Luck?”

“Good Luck” is a feel-good track to throw on when you need to get back in touch with your inner power. If you feel you’re not being treated right in a relationship, don’t be afraid to walk away. I’ve seen a lot of my friends stay in relationships with people they didn’t feel valued by. They felt unseen, unloved, and as if their partners were always on the prowl for something better. Don’t ever stay with that type of person, tell them ‘Good Luck’ and let them continue on their journey without you, trust me it’s for the better.

What’s the story behind the song?

I have always written with the intention to heal. I am very heavily into spirituality and it has always been my mission to help souls. The best way I know how is through my art. I noticed tons of patterns in our society of people being afraid to leave toxic situations due to thinking they can’t find better, thinking they don’t deserve better, or they’re addicted to highs from narcissistic type characters, etc. This is a feel-good anthem to scream at the top of your lungs motivating you to move on from toxic relationships.

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What advice would you give to your younger self and why?

I would tell my younger self not to be so hard on myself and to stop overanalyzing and overthinking everything until my head spun off my shoulders. I’ve always been a chronic overthinker. I would remind myself it’s all not so serious, and we’re literally on a floating rock in the sky.

What’s next for Megan Knight in the last months of 2023?

I have more singles on the way leading up to an EP release! I’m extremely excited. I am also touring so check out my website meganknightmusic.com for shows near you!

Best advice ever given?

I’ve received a lot of great advice in my time but I’ll be honest I could use a lot more. I guess all and all, to remember I’m in this for the music and to not let the business side put stressors on the art.