A Mom on a Mission, blogger and advertising guru, VICKI REECE, revolutionizes to mommy blogosphere with JOYOFMOM.COM, a ground-breaking resource and one-stop ‘shop’ for mothers of all ages, chock full of inspirational, educational, humorous, lighthearted and instructional tid-bits, articles, videos, visuals and quotes on the joys of motherhood, health, decorating, parenting,

recipes, crafts, family activities, wellness, style/clothing, that’s designed for moms who want to laugh, learn, love and live life to the fullest through “me and you” insight and what to expect from newborn to graduation. A site trusted by more than 17 million parents, (dads included,) JOYOFMOM.COM also takes advantage of their social medium through daily updates on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.


Vicki, please tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a mother of three and the founder of JoyofMom.com, a platform for all things motherhood from top tips, inspiration, advice, recipes, experts, and fabulous + fresh curated indie brands. I’m also the author of the book “Joy of Mom” and working on an autobiography. I began my career in the field of advertising, but my real goal was always to empower moms and children. This was my calling and I knew I needed a platform where I could empower action. Joy of Mom was born in a very organic way of one mom wanting to give the best advice, tips and inspiration. On my site and on my social media channels, I focus on the beauty, joy and magic of motherhood. I look for the simple, small, yet absolutely significant moments that are the most precious moments of being a mom. My joy is capturing the love parents have for their children. I do that daily through inspirational, informational and relatable blogs, real world tips and by featuring real moms helping other moms with everyday challenges and issues. Friends are moved, laugh and cry, as we share what’s proven, safe and true. More than anything, I want readers to savor all of those special moments that pass all too quickly.

What’s your background?

A native of Chicago, I started my career as an advertising executive and eventually opened my own ad agency. Moved by the lack of positive and self-esteem building products for young children (and plethora of negative ones) I created my own line of children’s video games and videos. At that time, negative and violent toys and messages for children were all the rage. I couldn’t sit on the sidelines and do nothing. With zero experience or resources, I created multi-media products that boosted children’s self-esteem and encouraged positivity. My game Jack’s House was created along with many videos that became best sellers while also helping children to realize their potential. Joy of Mom was the natural and organic evolution. After a few years, we have had millions of followers each week.

When did you decide to create a blog and why?

I wanted moms to know that they’re not alone. As mothers we all have very similar hopes, fears and dreams. I wanted to bring together a community of mothers who could support each other. My blog comes from the heart with the goal of inspiring moms, but also giving them concrete and “ah-ha” take away tips that they can instantly incorporate into their lives. If they pass these tips on to other moms then I’m doing my job. If they write and say that I made their lives a little easier or made them hug their children a little harder then I’m filled with joy.

Where does the name come from?

It comes from the fact that motherhood can be the most challenging, tough job in the world, but it’s also one that’s filled with the most lasting joy.

What part of your job do you find the most challenging?

I have older children now, so that’s challenging as a mother as your children try to find their spots in the world. As for my job with Joy of Mom, there are not enough hours in the day as I juggle writing my blogs, books and interview moms and experts. I’m often up at 2 in the morning at my kitchen table or sitting on my bedroom floor working from an overturned laundry basket. I love and am so passionate about Joy of Mom and always want to do more.


In the beginning did you think that you would reach millions of parents?

My goal was to reach one mom and make her day a little bit easier. The fact that the site, blogs and social channels have spread to millions is beyond my wildest dreams. I love the idea of a mom sitting in her kitchen reading something on Joy of Mom and then picking up her phone to call a girlfriend to say, “You need to check this out.” But I also love the idea of a mom at her wit’s end finding that these tips actually do work…because they do. Success was the very first mom who wrote me to say, “Thank you, Vicki. This is me, you always see me on FB and now I’m so happy to be on your blog, too! I cried when I read what you wrote. You put into words exactly what I was feeling in this moment. You do that every time. Like you’re reading my mind and know just what I not just want to hear, but need to. Thank you…”

What do you think has been the key to that?

I think it has been always keeping everything real and from the heart. The community of moms is everywhere, and I’m overwhelmed with the response I’ve gotten, which is basically one mom telling the other to check out this site on a daily basis. I think that being of use to moms on both an emotional and practical level has really appealed to my readership.

Tell us about your book “The Joy of Mom: Celebrating a Mother’s Love” and where we can get it?

You can order it on Amazon. It’s a book filled with love and beautiful photos I spent years curating from amazing photographers who are also moms. I wrote the pages based on what was in my heart and the photos. I truly believe it’s a lovely present for any mom and anytime. The book will make you laugh and cry. I’ve been told that it’s also a reason to grab your kids in that big hug and hold them just a second longer.

Name one of your strengths?

I’m someone who doesn’t give up. I’ve had my ups and downs, but I still push through it all. Each day is a new chance.

Do you have a role model?

My mother is such a strong and kind woman. She taught me that I could do anything if I just didn’t give up.


Who has made the biggest impact on your life so far, and why?

My children have opened my heart in ways I could never expect. They have taught me about life, love and what’s truly important. I’m so honored and blessed to be their mother.

How do you spend your spare time?

I love spending time in Chicago or just having lunch at an outdoor café with my husband and kids. I’m also a bit of an organizational queen. You can also find me at 3 in the morning cleaning out my pantry or reorganizing that closet or drawer. I find it relaxing.

How important is Social Media for your business?

It’s huge because social media links all moms. You’re no longer alone. There is a huge community of moms that are exactly where you are in any given moment.

Where we can follow you?






Please share your favorite:

QUOTE: “We can’t take any credit for our talents. It’s how we use them that count.” Madeleine L’Engle

FOOD: Clean and yummy kale salad.

BOOK: The Alchemist

MOVIE: “Something’s Gotta Give”


SONG: Pachelbel in D Minor and Lost Stars

TRAVEL DESTINATION: Anywhere that I’m present. There is beauty all around.



Photo Credit: Bobby Quillard