Check out our interview with talented Yoga instructor Nina Jarnum.

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How did you first get into Yoga?

I was living in the UK and studying law. Years of competitive horse riding had left my body very inflexible. A friend was doing yoga and she was super limber.. so I decided, I should try it. Despite my very superficial entry into yoga, I was sold from first class. Not because of how my body felt, but because of how my mind just felt .. lighter.

What sets Yoga apart from other practices?

A strong, flexible body is not the purpose of yoga; it’s merely a bi-product on the journey to get ready for meditation.

It is not about the movement or the pose itself; it’s about combining the breath with the movement and being present in the pose. Being present in your body, makes you present in your mind.

What elements of Yoga do you get most excited to teach & why?

Im a total nerd and really love diving into the more subtle aspects of poses. Firstly, noticing those subtleties is what makes you more present in your body. Secondly, the subtleties really takes the pose and the movement to the next level; you are no longer just hanging out in an imaginary game of Twister.. you are working your body in a deeper and different way.

Whether Im working with an Ironman, a pro ball player or a 60 year old who just wants to remain active for as long as possible, making clients more aware of their balance, active flexibility and breath, and thereby improving their body’s health for all the other stuff they do, is super exciting to me.

How do you include Yoga in your daily life now that you are a teacher?

I move everyday! Sometimes just 10 minutes on the mat.. other times 2 hours. I think it’s important to prioritize your own practice as a teacher and to keep making observations about movement, and how it affects your own body.

Tell us more about your Yoga retreats..

Well… they are not really happening in 2020. Covid19 put a stop to that! Hopefully, 2021 will be different.

What goals do you have for the next 5 years?

I have a book that needs to be written and a yoga-related startup I’m working on. Getting those two off the ground would be amazing.

What is the best advice you have ever received?

Its impossible for everyone to like you, so stop trying; instead, just be yourself – unapologetically!