Many students dream of going abroad to study. Every year, in the United Kingdom alone, approximately 458,490 arrive to study. The reason for this is a superior quality of education that can be found not only in the United Kingdom but all across Europe and North America. Students who study internationally also derive great joy from spending their youth in a foreign country. If you are considering going abroad to study this coming year, or next, then look no further than this page to tell you whether or not it is worth it. It is important to mention, as a consequence of global COVID-19 restrictions, many international students are being denied entry to universities around the world, and rather, are being expected to join online classes – if that appeals to you, it may be worth applying for a foreign student placement – if not, then a local university may serve you better.

Is going abroad to study worth it? Let’s find out.

Start with Guides and Reviews

Before we move onto the main points of why studying abroad may or may not be worth it, you should look around and find reviews from foreign students, and guides that are written by them. Guides like those found on are an example of this, and there are many other websites, similar in nature, that offer the same service. Guides and reviews will give you an unadulterated look into the advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad. Hearing from former and current foreign students themselves is a fantastic way to decide whether or not it is the right decision for you. Only a former (or current) foreign student will be able to relate to you and help you to make an informed decision as to whether or not foreign study is appropriate for you.

Is Studying Abroad Worth It?

The question many students ask themselves. Is it worth it? Well, let’s find out, shall we?

Seeing the World

One of the main advantages, and the main reasons that foreign students go abroad to study, is to see the world. Studying in another country in your youth is a fantastic way to mature and have profound, life-changing experiences. You will see places you could have only dreamed of seeing, and not only see them but spend at least two years living in them. Foreign students often choose countries like England, Switzerland, and the U.S.A for their study, mainly for their history, and to see how the people live, as well as their prestigious and world-renowned educational institutions. Many classes will now be online, unfortunately. Although, foreign students do visit many other locations. If you have dreamed of visiting a country, studying there as an international student could be the best way to see it.


Studying abroad can allow you to come to terms with different types of education. Education differs all over the world, as does the curriculum that is taught. Studying abroad is a fantastic way to see how the other half lives, and how educational institutions in different countries vary from your own. Studying in a foreign country is a wonderful experience and can help you to learn things that you would, otherwise, have been unable to. For this reason alone, it is definitely worth studying abroad.

New Cultures

Studying abroad will allow you to take in, learn, and adapt to new cultures. Not only the cultures of the people whose country you are studying in but the culture of the other foreign students you are studying with. Learning about new cultures can have a very profound experience in people and can be one of the greatest benefits of studying abroad. The new cultures that you will learn will help you to become a better, more understanding, more rational person, and will allow you to empathize with people a lot better.

Understanding the culture of others is very difficult when it is never something you have had to deal with personally. You must follow the law, however, and leave when you have finished – do not abuse a countries culture and customs.


Studying abroad can allow you to hone your language skills, which if you are intending on working in the country, or a country that shares that language, can be a great way to practice for your future career. It can also make you a much more talented linguist and offer an abundance of opportunities to you. Another language is a great thing to master and can help you massively in the future, with work, and communicating with others.

Mastering another language is something you will likely have to do should you want to go and study abroad.

Now, with the help of this page, you know exactly whether or not studying abroad is worth it or not – and it undoubtedly is! Studying abroad can define the rest of your life and is something you must experience. Good luck with your studies, and good luck with your future. It’ll be bright, I’m sure!