You may have heard of invisible braces as another option to traditional braces. But how do they work? Most orthodontic patients are curious about these clear teeth aligners because they don’t look like those traditional metal braces which are made up of wires and brackets. Get familiar with both Invisalign and braces before deciding on which one you’d like to use for your teeth-straightening treatment.


When people think of braces, painful metal brackets and wires often come to mind. The brackets, made of metal, are glued to your teeth and held together with wires and rubber bands. These rubber bands come in different colors, so patients can change things up every time they get their braces tightened. The procedure involved in tightening braces occurs about once a month. Unfortunately, you will experience some jaw pain, and gum and teeth discomfort every time.


Invisalign are teeth aligners that many refer to as invisible braces. They are made out of medical-grade plastic based on impressions of your mouth. They work just the same as braces, except there are no wires, metal brackets, nor rubber bands. Invisalign aligners put constant pressure on different parts of your mouth, and slowly, little by little, move your teeth into their proper positions.

Which is more effective?

Invisalign can be just as effective as traditional braces, so long as your condition is mild. Both of these types of treatments work by moving your teeth into their proper position. This being said, there are pros and cons of these two types of dental procedures. Read on below to find out more.

Cost Difference

Traditional braces cost around $4000 to $6500 per year, depending on the severity of an individual’s misalignment. On the other hand, Invisalign treatment costs anywhere from $3,000–$7,000. According to the Consumer Guide for Dentistry, the national average cost for Invisalign treatment is $3,000–$5,000. Regardless of which type of teeth-strengthening tournament you go with, some insurance companies would cover a fraction of the costs.

Regardless if you are opting for traditional braces or Invisalign, there are certain factors which contribute to the cost of the treatment. These factors include:

  • Your oral health
  • Location of your dental care center
  • Dentist’s time for labor

Both Invisalign and traditional braces will take longer to correct if an individual has severely crooked teeth or a mouth with an overbite.

Convenience and Comfort

Braces can be painful because they are made up of metal brackets and wires which could cut your gums. As well, it can take up to two hours to readjust your braces, a process which occurs approximately every month. Not only that, you cannot just remove them whenever you eat or drink – meaning that you will have to deal with the annoying food restrictions. Traditional braces can even make it difficult for you to brush and floss your teeth, meaning that keeping your teeth and gums healthy would be challenging. Last but not least, traditional braces tend to be perceived as awkward accessories during formal portraits, sporting events, and other special occasions.

Invisible aligners, (such as Invisalign) are a gentler approach to orthodontic treatment. They apply constant pressure to specific areas of your mouth and are designed to move them into their correct position gradually. Also, you can simile take your aligners out when you eat or drink, meaning that you won’t have to adhere to any food restrictions. As well, dental hygiene is also easier to keep up with when you have Invisalign – all you have to do is take them off. Plus, no more awkward smiles in photos and on special occasions!

While Invisalign is excellent at what it does, it doesn’t always work as well as traditional braces in all cases. They are used for moderate issues and cannot address more complex orthodontic problems such as excessive crowding of the teeth. However, they can treat conditions such as:

  • Gapped teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • Mild overbite

Getting a complimentary consultation with your Maple Ridge Dentist will help you know whether or not you’ll be a good candidate for Invisalign.

Length of Use for Invisalign Treatment

Every one to two weeks, you’ll switch out your teeth aligner trays. Since the goal is to shift and move your teeth continuously, each new tray is designed to feel slightly different. The average Invisalign treatment time is between 12 to 18 months. It all depends on your condition, as well as how diligent you are with wearing your alingers.

Are you ready for Invisalign? Read this!

Once you are already, and it has been determined that you are a good candidate for Invisalign, your Maple Ridge dentist will do the following:

  • Examine of your smile
  • Check your overall oral health
  • Take teeth and face photographs
  • Conduct an iTero Scan or digital scan of your teeth
  • Take X-rays of your teeth (Digital)

The dentist will then submit all of his or her findings to Invisalign. Invisalign will then use all the given information to develop a set of aligners which will gradually move each tooth into its respective place. Your dentist works with you to devise a treatment plan that is tailored to your specific needs and desires.

Express Invisalign treatment option:

When you opt for the express option, your treatment can be completed in as short as four months, and each tray can be worn for two weeks and then replaced. This type of treatment uses treatment trays with loupes, which helps patients see their teeth better. The trays have been designed to increase clarity and help patients move their teeth faster without having to worry about the discomfort which is commonly experienced when wearing traditional braces.

Bite-Sized Tips

We believe that in order for your Invisalign treatment to be a success, you must find an orthodontist or dentist with extensive experience. Invisalign treatment is available at Westgate Dental Center. We want you to have the healthiest and most beautiful smile possible! If you live in or around the Maple Ridge area and are interested in learning more about this treatment, please contact us immediately to set up a complimentary consultation. Let us help you achieve the smile of your dreams!