Every once in a while you meet someone who brightens your day just by hanging out with them. This day it was Mircea Monroe. While shooting for the Jan issue we had fun with the CW star on Heart of Dixie. We never laughed so hard while working. Mircea is full of life and her laugh is absolutely infectious. She feels so blessed to be where she is that her humility makes her even more likable.

We had a chance to speak to her about her cute boyfriend, her fearless adventure seeking , the fact that her Father worked for the U.N and where she sees herself in five years… yes babies in the “tum tum” as she puts it, is definitely on the “To Do” list.

We are so happy that Mircea made us laugh all day, because of that we got some amazing photos that allowed her inner beauty to shine through.

Thanks for letting us in Mircea, keep laughing and loving! Enjoy the interview and gorgeous photos everyone!


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Can you tell us about your new movie “Dumbbells” slated for 2014? What character do you play?

It’s a really silly, funny movie written by a couple of friends. There’s a great comedic cast. I play a snotty cheerleader… I’m super good at that.

Tell us what it is like to have a Father that works for the United Nations? Where have you lived? What was your favorite country? At a young age did you understand the importance of your fathers job?

We lived primarily in Fiji and the Solomon Islands, but traveled all over the world (Thailand, Singapore, Japan…). It gave me a strong foundation and deep understanding of various cultures and religions. I think that’s really important to understand we’re all connected and how small this great big world really is. It actually makes you feel less alone, less selfish and more at one.


When did you decide to movie to LA and pursue acting? Virginia is a long way away. How did your family take it?

I was 18 or 19 and drove across the country by myself without knowing anyone. Looking back I kind of can’t believe the life I’ve made from that girl who had no connections or money, and a barely working car.

How did you meet your boyfriend who is also a writer and producer for Justified on FX?

We were set up by a mutual friend. Our friend was right- he’s the best. We just moved in together so my vision board must be working.

How do the both of you handle being in the same industry? Is it tough being with someone who has the same kind of hectic schedule?

It’s actually great. He’s has a nice steady schedule on Justified and writes other amazing stuff on the side….We understand each other, which is nice. The problem is with scheduling any kind of trip. Also, I tend to turn down work that will take me away for too long cause I really love smooches and cuddles.

Tell us about working with Matt Leblanc and Rachel Bilson on Heart of Dixie? Has the cast become close friends?

On episodes we shoot on location and that always breeds close relationships. Matt and Rachel are both great people and great friends.

You have had a successful career so far; did you think that things would transpire so quickly? What has helped you stay so grounded?

I feel really grateful to be where I am and am very aware of how lucky I am to support myself doing what I love.

How do you prepare for an audition or show? Any tricks that help you get and stay in Character?

I always do the work. The reading and studying and research. Once you build the house, you get to live in it. Oooooo that’s a good one!


Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Will Heart of Dixie still be on the air?

Oh man that makes me sweat. Future talk!! I know I’ll still be deeply fulfilled. Even more so, because I’m always working on myself, which means work, and life keep getting better. The only difference is that there may be some babies up in my tum tum.

If you could work with any actor past or present who would it be and what kind of movie would you two be in?

Grace Kelly in a fabulously glamorous old film.

Do you see failure as part of the process? Many actors can’t handle it. How have you accepted that in your life?

Failure is part of life regardless of your career. The more you embrace that, the farther you can fall and more you’ll grow. It’s not bad to fail; it’s bad to think failing means something bad.

Your in amazing shape. What is your routine and diet. Are you an outdoor person or gym rat?

Thanks for the compliment! I can’t stand working out. Like, really really really don’t like those first few steps of getting to the gym. However, there is no better feeling than the completion. I don’t diet. Period. But I love taking care of my body. It feels good to eat well and once you make it a lifestyle, it’s easy. I love working out outside whenever possible, but sometimes it’s easier to get to the gym at a specific time for a class. I prefer to take a class if I’m inside.

You have an amazing and infectious sense of humor, how are you able to be so funny in such a tough industry?

That’s so kind! Humor is a life savior. Without it, I’d surely die. And acting is tough and can make you really question yourself sometimes, but there are a lot of people with much tougher jobs. I hope they get to laugh a lot.

If you had one lasting thing written on your tombstone what would it be?

Thank You.

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