There are many ways to enjoy the outdoors, and kayaking is one of the best ways to get on the water and be in the sun at the same time. It is a great group or even solo activity, so anyone with curiosity can get into it.

But before you head out on the water, there are a few accessories that any aspiring kayaker should consider before heading out with the paddle that will enhance or be necessary for your excursions.

Trolling Motors

One of the most useful accessories you can find as a kayaker is a trolling motor. This motor will attach to the rear of your kayak easily and effortlessly. You can read more here about the best motors which contrast several models with different features, and may also come in handy in many kayaking trips. These motors free up your hands for other activities out in nature. This means that if you are interested in things such as photography or fishing, you will be able to multitask without worry. This is perfect for times that you just want to take in the scenery and the environmental surroundings as well. It also serves useful for when you have spent a good portion of the day out on the water and are feeling fatigued, allowing you to return to shore with little effort.

Extreme Sports Camera

As mentioned, a popular activity or hobby among many kayakers is photography. If that is your passion, you need to ensure that you are equipped with camera gear that will be able to hold up against the elements while you are out in nature. Other accessories you will want to consider with your sports cameras are mounts and helmets, or waterproof casing for some great deep water shots. Having a sports camera that is waterproof and durable against drops and extreme activity will be necessary for capturing those exciting moments while out on the water.

Dry Bag

A necessary accessory for all avid kayakers is the dry bag. This is important for every kayaker and every trip out on the water. This bag will be useful in keeping your personal items safe and dry. These items that you carry should be things that you need, but you can store anything in these dry bags, including snacks and water. It is smart to have a dry bag because you will never know when your kayak could turn over, and it is best to remain prepared for such an instance.

Communications and Portable Battery

You should keep your phone nearby, as mentioned above. Ideally, you will keep this somewhere dry, but if you are wary about bringing your phone with you on your excursions, you should pack a radio as a means of communication. Additionally, to extend the life of your communication device, ensure that you have a portable battery pack or charger with you as well. Hopefully, you won’t have to use these, but it is a good idea to keep them handy in the case of an emergency situation.

Emergency Lights, Matches and Flares

When you are traversing through the wilderness, you want to be prepared for anything.

Similar to having a means of communication, you should also pack items that will help you in the event that you are stranded. These items will include emergency lights or flares to help you if you cannot get back to your shore before it gets dark. Matches will come in handy for starting fires if you are stranded and need to set up camp or create a signal fire, but there are other ways to start a fire as well.

First Aid

Emergency situations can occur in many ways, and as a result, so can injuries as well. Your injuries will vary, but having a first aid kit on hand will help you deal with minor injuries, cuts, and abrasions that you can deal with on your own with small bandages and cleaning supplies. Make sure that you have a travel-sized first aid kit for any sort of small emergency.

Sports Glasses

Kayaking throughout the day, you want to equip other accessories that also make your experience easier. The sun will be out during the day, and you want to make sure you have a good pair of sunglasses that not only deal with the sun’s rays but also are durable for extreme activities and are well-fitted and won’t fall off in any situation. Having the right pair of glasses will mean that you don’t lose your eyesight or eyewear.


Make sure that before any outdoor activity that you are prepared with the proper sun protection. In addition to a hat and glasses, packing sunscreen can be useful for prolonged outdoor and kayaking activities. The last thing you want to worry about are burns while out on the lake, river, or outdoors.

Make sure that you consider all the needs for your kayak before venturing out. It is always best to be over-prepared than to forget something that you would need or want with you out on the water. Plan ahead or get caught without a paddle.