The narrative of Instagram’s fast ascent reads like a Silicon Valley fairy tale, with the business gathering startling speed within just a few short months. Instagram was introduced on October 6, 2010, following months of research and testing. The photo and video-sharing social media program took only eight weeks for software experts to construct before it was published on Apple’s mobile operating system then. 25,000 users on the first day.

Since its inception in 2010, Instagram has grown to over 1 billion monthly active users, up from 800 million in September 2017, and is actively utilized by influencers, brands, and businesses worldwide. Instagram has become a global phenomenon.

Why Are Brands Unfollowed on Instagram?

However, the majority of them leave following a social media page because they lose interest, or the page starts posting unrelated information to companies, or loses its edge in inspiring innovation and user interaction.

Consumers want brands to respond to comments and DMs. If you don’t, the consumer may feel ignored and unfollow you.

Instagram has recently cracked down on users who abuse the site, notably those who utilize bots to automate both their content and engagement.

You are posting too much or rarely. You don’t want to spam your audience’s timeline with posts. You must publish daily to Instagram Stories, Reels, or the News Feed. If you must pick, marketers questioned claimed Stories were the second-best strategy to increase followers after going live.

Irrelevant Content. Your audience follows you to learn more about you and your enterprises. They’ll unfollow if they determine your material no longer speaks to them. Try posting user-generated material, brand-story content, or customer testimonials.

You have BOT fans. Your followers list will tank if you buy bot followers. Focus on organically growing your following by publishing often, offering excellent information, tracking trends, and analyzing your statistics.

You can’t keep up with your audience. Marketers must be aware of what attracts and keeps their audience. Maybe your audience isn’t interested in the content or format. Use photographs and videos in your feed, stories, and reels.

How to Gain Instagram Followers

It drives lucrative traffic to landing pages, increases conversions, and builds an engaged audience. You have additional options to engage people and provide unique experiences for them as your audience expands.

Optimize your bio first. Use those 150 characters wisely. Your Instagram bio tells potential followers about you and what you stand for. Some firms offer a static link to their website, while others update it often.

Consider a branded hashtag. Those who use the hashtag will also see postings from admirers who have used it. Using your bio link to increase visitors to your website is crucial. Also, keep your username search-friendly.

Posting often and Finding the best time to post. Successful content creators and social media Jedis publish constantly. Use Instagram Insights to see when your followers are online. Scroll down to uncover your audience’s most active moments. Posting the appropriate material at the right moment increases audience engagement. Track interaction and post at different times.

Show off your creativity. Writing a snappy caption is an art. It’s a quick and easy method to get your followers to interact with your posts and learn more about you. Posting more often doesn’t always mean greater interaction. Create material that will appeal to your target demographic. Of course, quality always trumps quantity. Social media followers don’t join to hear commercial pitches. They like your personality and the stuff you provide.

Write catchy and great captions. Great Instagram captions keep people’s attention. Captions allow you to add extra information to a photo or video. Your post might be long or brief. It’s great to vary.

Engage with your audience. Engaging current fans means more fans. Write a simple open-ended question or utilize a poll to engage your readers. This puts your content at the top of the search list. And more people will notice your content, maybe becoming followers or purchasers.

You perform a lot of testing with your account, but there will always be those mishaps when your audience unfollows you. It’s absurd to expect every social media post to become viral. You can’t please everyone. But, as a brand, you should want to improve organic reach.

Your Instagram approach should be informed by statistics. If you don’t use it, you’ll rapidly lose connection with your followers. Identifying the causes of the decrease allows you to correct and restore them. And after you’ve identified the causes behind your page’s decline in followers, you can start strategizing about how to enhance your page in those areas while maintaining a consistent brand presence across all social media platforms.

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