We would like to introduce you to the most Amazing Boxed Roses ever! Roseshire.com


Delivered anywhere in the country within 24 hours. They are the most exclusive luxurious and exquisite display of roses in a box you would ever want to receive or you would ever want to send to a friend or loved one.

Every Rose is meticulously hand placed in the each box with its own Water tube to ensure your roses arrive perfect.

Please visit the site, if you have a mother in your life, send her The Roseshire.com Mother’s Day Box of Roses  today and let her know you care and love her.


Roseshire, the first luxury rose brand, just marked $1.4 million in sales as of March 2016, less than 20 months after opening for business. The company has discovered an undervalued market for luxury roses among millennial consumers. The Roseshire brand focuses on delivering an emotional experience through design details that evoke luxury, quality and romance. Roseshire offers luxury quality roses on-demand through its website Roseshire.com. Roseshire orders include nationwide overnight shipping at no additional cost.


The floral industry is ripe for business innovation. A wise technology investor pointed out that with so many options to order flowers online, a new brand could distinguish itself at the very least or most expensive ends of the pricing spectrum. With decades of experience in retail floral, the Roseshire team recognized an opportunity to take the high road and focus exclusively on the most valuable flower of them all – the rose.

Online floral delivery services typically ship a disappointing version of the bouquets shown on their websites, from dried out stems to wrinkled petals wrapped in plastic. Roseshire decided to set a new standard. On Roseshire.com, what you see is what you get – a luxury experience from start to finish.

Roseshire started with the basics: reliably shipping roses that arrive in pristine condition. The original Roseshire box concept of layering rosebuds to protect them from bruising was inspired by a long-time California rose grower. The company put in months of design work, prototyping and testing before finalizing the patent-pending Roseshire presentation box. Roseshire boxes even rode around town in the back of a pickup truck to simulate overnight delivery. Roseshire also reconceived the field-to-warehouse supply chain to create optimal conditions (temperature, hydration, ventilation, speed) for its precious rose cargo. Just as important as high quality roses, Roseshire developed an edgy luxury aesthetic that is both timeless and completely original, to complete its unique brand appeal.


The combination of luxury roses, delivered on-demand, immediately hit a nerve with a surprisingly youthful market. After a viral internet meme took off in August of 2014, there was an overwhelming response to Roseshire’s luxury rose brand, especially among millennial shoppers. With minimal marketing investment beyond its steady social media presence, Roseshire has now shipped to every state in the union, less than two years since it opened for business.


In 2016, Roseshire will relocate to a new facility and hire a world-class marketer to meet demand for its one-of-a-kind rose experience and bring its thrilling new luxury brand to market.


Nancy Grace of HLN just received a Box of Roses from her friend (Alan Duke editor and chief of leadstories.com)

Roseshire’s luxury appeal has attracted a number of celebrity customers and celebrity brands. Celebrity interest has come from pop culture personality Kim Kardashian, actress Gwenyth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand Goop, and celebrity chef Rachel Ray’s Food Network program, The Rachel Ray Show.

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