10-year old Saara Chaudry lives in Toronto with her parents, 15-year-old brother, and 16-year-old sister. Born with a real flair for the dramatic, her siblings nicknamed her “little drama queen,” a moniker she holds to this day.

Saara began her journey with piano lessons at the Royal Conservatory of Music at the age of four. She also attended several music and drama classes, following which she proclaimed that she was going to be a star on television. To support her passions, her parents enrolled her in the National Ballet of Canada’s Ballet School and the Toronto Children’s Chorus.

Saara has since blossomed as an actor, dancer, and singer, and worked with many talented and passionate people in the advertising, television, film, and theatre industries.

In 2012, Saara had a small dancing role in the National Ballet of Canada’s The Nutcracker. In 2013, she played ‘Madison’ in the iconic teen drama series, “Degrassi,” and played ‘Chloe’ in the American Girl movie, “Isabelle Dances into the Spotlight.”

Saara made her theatre debut later in 2013 in the 25th anniversary Cameron Mackintosh Production of “Les Miserables” at the Princess of Wales theatre in Toronto. She had the honour of performing as ‘Little Cosette’ on opening night and at a special gala benefit with Colm Wilkinson. Her work won her a 2014 Broadway World Award for Best Female Performer in a Featured Role as well as nominations for a 2014 Young Artists Award for Best Theatre Performance and for a Dora Award, as part of the “Les Miserables” ensemble.

Saara is also the voice of ‘Bianca’ for Amazon Prime’s animated show, “Wishenpoof” and is thrilled to be playing the role of smart and funny ‘Howie’ in the Nickelodeon and YTV television series “Max and Shred.”
A passionate proponent of girls’ right to an education, Saara is a strong supporter of Plan Canada’s Because I Am A Girl campaign. She also recently performed at The Scarborough Hospital Foundation gala to raise money for their cancer care unit, and the Developments in Literacy campaign to build schools for girls.

In her spare time, Saara enjoys singing, dancing, cooking, reading, and hanging out with friends and family.

How did you get your start in acting?

Apparently, I have always been somewhat dramatic. When I was very little my brother and sister nicknamed me drama queen.

Well when I was little I attended some acting and drama camps. I really enjoyed them and my mom was approached by some talent agents. She didn’t take them seriously at first, but she eventually looked into it and signed me up with an agent. And within a few weeks , I got my first role. I played a little girl in a Christmas movie called “Desperately Seeking Santa”. I had 5 lines.

What is the scariest part of an audition?

The scariest part is right before I go in. I get nervous and butterflies in my stomach. But once I get started, I relax and get into the character I’m playing.

How you were selected for this show?

I went through several rounds of auditions and then did chemistry testing with a couple of different Max’s and Alvins. The reading with Jonny went really one and I was certain Jonny was going to be Max! We hit it off right away.

Tell us about your character?

I play Jill Finch, better known as Howie on Max and Shred.” Howie lives next door to the Ackerman’s but always seems to be at the Ackerman’s home, coming through the window in Alvin’s bedroom. She is super smart and helps Alvin (Shred) with his inventions but also has a huge crush on Max.

What do you like most about your character and how can you relate to it?

Howie is a great role for me, because I am like Howie in many ways. I love science and math, I’m good at school and I have a nickname similar to Howie. I also think Howie is a good role model for girls because she is smart, she’s into science and math, but can also be a girlie girl when she wants to.

Tell us about your favorite episode this season.

My favourite episode this season was “The Backside Family Eggflip” where they throw Max a birthday party, Max’s mom visits, Lloyd plays with a snake and Howie ziplines in the living room! It was so crazy to film and so funny!! Click Here!

How do you balance your personal life with your acting life?

It’s not always easy, but I have learned that I can manage if I stay organized. I keep in touch with school and my friends by Facetime and Skype and I see them on weekends and evenings whenever I can.

Where can we follow you?

Instagram @saarachaudry
Twitter @SaaraChaudry
Youtube SaaraChaudry123
Facebook /Saara-Chaudry

Any other hobbies?

I love listening to and making music. I sing, play the piano, ukulele and am starting to learn to play the guitar. I also love to read and just hang out with my friends.

Sport team: Toronto Raptors & Toronto Maple Leafs

Favorite Music: Bruno Mars, Meghan Trainor, Taylor Swift, Shawn Mendes, Sam Smith, Dem Lovato.

What music we can find on your iPod?

All of the above plus Ariana Grande, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Queen and Broadway tunes from “Les Miserables, “Matilda,” “Mary Poppins,” “My Fair Lady and “The Sound of Music.”

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I’ll be in high school. I hope to still be pursuing my dreams and doing what I love  acting and singing.

If you could choose, what three actors would you really want to work with?

Angelina Jolie, Adam Sandler, and either Ariana Grande or Miranda Cosgrove.

What’s the best and worst part of being an actress?

The best part is being able to do something that I love and knowing that other people enjoy watching it.

The worst part is not always being to hang out with my school friends.

What are future goals?

Continue acting on TV, in theatre and movies. And I love music (musical theatre as well as pop).  I hope I am lucky enough to be able to continue to do both.  A show where I can act and sing, or musical theatre would be awesome. I also want to continue my education and go to university.

Best advice ever given?

Probably from my mother. To believe in myself and know that I can accomplish whatever I set my mind to if I am focused, work hard, and always try my best.

Who inspires you?

Angelina Jolie inspired me with her speech at the Kids Choice Awards.

Malala inspires me because she stood up for what she believed in and what we should all believe in — gender equality and education for girls.

Emma Watson and her speech on gender equality to the United Nations.