Fashion is dynamic and constantly changing. Every year and every season, you find new styles and trends coming onto the so-called scene. One year a trend is the only thing people can talk about, and then the next wearing said movement becomes a fashion faux pas. How can you keep up? Is it even sustainable?

There are, however, some unique fashion pieces that stay on trend indefinitely, those few special items whose loyal presence in your closet is a source of comfort. This summer, if you want to update your wardrobe with pieces that will last a lifetime, it is best to look to these following trends: always in style, never faltering, and timeless classics.


A good pair of jeans and a comfortable yet stylish denim jacket are two of the most timeless pieces in your wardrobe. Well-fitted jeans, for example, levis 501s, will be iconic within the fashion world. If you are looking for a staple or that go-to piece, good denim is the answer. It will always serve you well and never goes out of style. Similarly, having a good denim jacket in your wardrobe is highly beneficial, as this item goes with everything. Denim can serve both a smart and casual look; a good denim jacket and great jeans are must-haves in your summer wardrobe.

Practical Dungarees

While this is not the most conventional item of clothing in your wardrobe, a pair of good practical yet stylish dungarees will last a lifetime. Err on the side of caution not to buy a poorly fitted pair, since they will look too big and a bit childish. However, a good pair of OshKosh dungarees will do the trick. You can wear them around the house or on a day’s trip to the coast. They are universal in wearability and suit everyone, so why not buy some for the whole family? With free shipping on all orders over $35+, there is no reason not to.

A White Tee

You can never go wrong with a good white t-shirt. It is one of the essential items in your closet since it can be worn with everything. A well-fitted and well-made white t-shirt is gold in the fashion world. Remember, it is important to regularly change your white t-shirt collection as they can become worn quite quickly.

From denim to silk skirts, a white t-shit can go with anything. Make sure that you have 1 or 2 always on the go to avoid being shirtless on washday. This iconic item will never go out of fashion—a garment first seen as underwear is now the poster piece for ultimate style.

The Perfect Dress

The final item of clothing that everyone should have in their closet is a simple yet gorgeous dress. Something that you can pull out for last-minute occasions. A piece of clothing you know fits so well you cannot go wrong wearing it. Simple yet effective, this is probably your most loyal piece of clothing.