Rooted from the tradition that surfaces the course of jewellery history, personalising gifts is always meaningful. However, rather than being limited to the cave-dwelling, engravings are now practically used to decorate jewellery. From cutting precious metals to personalized gemstone to fashionable accessories, engraved gifts are timeless.
If you are after personalizing engraving to make someone feel special, there are always so many options. Engraving the name, birth month, or the loved one’s fingerprints on a piece of jewellery can take your gift to the next level of love, affection and bonding.

Jewellery with engraving: A gift to cherish forever

The necklace is something that people of all ages embrace. No matter what gender the person belongs to, a personalized necklace with engraving can be the best choice to give.

If your loved one is a woman, then go for the material such as rose gold chain, which is contrasted with sterling silver to create an elegant outlook. In the middle of the chain, you can adorn a gold plate containing your special message or first alphabet of the name or the date of any memorable occasion. You can also use a metal plate to bring a mix-match variation.

In addition, stainless steel symbolizes manhood, and it can be the best choice for your man. Choose a ring-designed stainless chain and decorate it with a black or white-coloured small round pendant that will contain the full name or the first alphabet or just a secret sign of your love life.

On the contrary, your person perhaps does not always want to carry the necklace and wants something more portable. If it is the case, then go for the engraved bracelets option. With engraved bracelets, you will get both style and simplicity. Moreover, while looking for a customised engraved bracelet, you will get a wide range of collections.

Thick or thin, choose the plate according to your personal preference; you can attach the side link to adjust the size and place a plaque to make it more unique. Next, adorn one or two love-shaped stones over the plaque and put your message into it. In the middle, you can place a wide plate which is also helpful to carry the message. For material, go for rose gold, silver or stainless steel, which is suitable for everyone.

However, if you are gifting a tiny baby, then go for a piece of small twisted chain engraved bracelet coated with sparkly glitter. Decorate it with multiple stone pendants so that you can inscribe different messages. You can also keep some of the plaques empty, which the child will fill according to their preference while they are growing up.

Final Words

To conclude, we recommend you not to get influenced by what others say. It is always wise to use your idea to choose the jewellery gifts with engravings per the occasion, preference, personality and the type of relationship you share with the person. A gift is always best when it’s personal, no?