Whether you have an upcoming job interview or birthday celebration, it’s always nice to make a fashion statement by dressing to impress. Sadly, it’s tricky to look good without splashing the cash – or is it?

In reality, you don’t need to adorn a tailor-made dress or designer suit to light up a room with your presence. As the following tips will emphasize, you don’t have to spend a fortune to impress. Fashion is still obtainable on a budget.

Don’t be scared to buy secondhand

It’s true: there is a stigma about purchasing clothes that have already been used. However, you shouldn’t feel embarrassed about going to the thrift store and browsing their clothing racks. In fact, you could be shocked at some of the items you find at a fraction of their retail price. It’s not uncommon for designer brands to be residing alongside the best in 90’s fashion and old oversized suits.

Even if you don’t want to set foot in a thrift store, browsing eBay could pay off. You can search for whatever brand or item of clothing you desire, and listings will tend to detail the history of the product. The latter can be particularly advantageous as people will sell clothing that is “like new,” which is far from the negative connotations associated with going secondhand.

Utilize seasonal sales

If you’re seeking an immediate change to your current wardrobe, skip to the next point. Yet if you are willing to put in a spot of forward planning, seasonal sales can work massively in your favor.

As you’d expect, winter clothing is much cheaper to purchase during the spring and summer – and vice versa. Furthermore, just after January, when everyone has finished their Christmas shopping, many retailers will be desperate to shift their winter stock before the season finishes.

Make the most of coupons

Before you head off for the local clothing stores or browse the internet, it’s worth checking to see what coupons are available. Many major retailers regularly have coupons available, which can provide everything from free delivery to 50% off. If a clothing store already has a sale, and you add a coupon on top of this, you could make a giant saving overall.

For example, if you spot a nice jacket in JCPenney, don’t rush into making the purchase. Whip out your smartphone, browse for the latest JCPenney coupons, and see what discount codes can be applied. This search takes less than a minute, yet could save you a large chunk of money in an instant.

It’s not all about brands

Have you ever spotted a designer suit or dress, instantly fell in love, and then balked once you viewed the price tag? It has happened to nearly everyone at some point in time. Yet instead of letting it get you down, realize the brand name isn’t everything. Discount retailers will often replicate any popular pieces by name brands, offering you the chance to wear fashionable clothing at a bargain price.