5 Tips for Traveling in Style and Comfort

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, it’s always great to go in style. This year, why not take some extra time to plan what to wear and carry along so that you will, for once, be traveling in style and in comfort. Quite often we choose one or the other but there is no reason why you can’t have both. Try these tips out for size and you’ll see that you really can have the best of both worlds.


Fashionable Luggage on Wheels

Even before deciding what to wear, think about how you are going to take everything you need along with you. Remember last year’s trip where you had to struggle at the airport and when you arrived at the hotel? Why not opt for cabin luggage by Briggs & Riley that has four wheels for maneuverability yet is fashionable enough to take along to the very best hotels around the globe? Complete your ensemble with a lightweight carry-on for those little things you’ll need in flight and you’re set to go.

Lose the Heels

Yes, there is nothing sexier than a lady in ultra-high spikes, but there is nothing more uncomfortable as well. Whilst you want to look your best, there are truly lovely flats on the market designed by some of the biggest names in fashion that would work better for traveling. Lose the heels in favour of flats.

Stretch and Loose Fitting Outfits

So many ladies, and men for that matter, wear flannel pants that are still considered to be fashionable amongst the younger crowd. Unfortunately, they do nothing for you when it comes to traveling in style because that is not the appearance you want to give, especially when traveling first class or staying at a posh hotel. Choose stylish stretch pants and loose fitting tops for comfort and you’ll look and feel your best.

Layer upon Layer

One thing to keep in mind when flying is that cabins tend to be extremely chilly. No matter what the weather is like on the ground, summer or winter, planes are notoriously cold. Instead of bundling up in a huge parka, try wearing two or three layers that you can shed or put back on easily. You’ll look better, feel better and will enjoy the trip so much more for the comfort this affords.

Keep Jewellery to a Minimum

Whilst all those big statement pieces may be at the height of fashion, don’t wear them on the trip. Imagine being cramped in your seat with a huge pendant or long dangling earrings that pull endlessly at your earlobes. Wear smaller pieces with less pizzazz and you’ll still look striking but not quite as flashy. Travelling in style doesn’t mean you need to think fashion over comfort if you do it right, so in this case, less is more.

The main point when traveling in style is to always keep comfort in mind. From the bags you carry along with you to the shoes you wear on your feet, you really can have the best of both worlds. Keep it simple and keep it light. You’ll enjoy the trip so much more for a bit of extra thought on comfort as well as on style.