Society’s love of animals and for dogs in particular has been revealed through the amount of support that certain dogs get over social media. Many dogs have accounts on Instagram with tens of thousands of followers. Do you think your dog has the potential to be a star? Follow these simple tips to help your dog gain attraction and a social media following, so that you can have a star in the family.

Training Your Dog Well

Making sure your dog is well trained is a good first step to making them a star. This way, your dog will be more obedient when listening to your commands such as ‘sit’ and ‘paw’, which will mean your followers stay engaged and find your dog fun to watch.
To train your dog initially, a harness is a good way to do this, since it will teach your dog to not pull and when to listen to you. If you read this blog article from Four Paw Ideas, you will have a better idea on all of the best harnesses that you can get for your dog.

Taking Regular Pictures and Videos

One of the most important things to do when making your dog a social media star is to take regular photos and videos of them, so that you have really good content for the account. Ideally, you want to start doing this from when your dog is a small puppy so that their life can be documented through the account. No worries if you don’t do this though – it is never too late.

The more photos you take, the more likely you will get some good ones, as well as some funny ones, which people love. Videos are also a great way of gaining attraction, and they can be pretty much of anything. People are following your dog on Instagram because they are probably dog lovers and will care about what the day to day life of your dog looks like, so keep them posted!

Invest in a Good Camera

Having good quality photographs is one of the things that will attract people to your dog’s account. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to buy a really expensive camera with a fancy lens; it just means that you should ideally pick a phone which has a good camera so you can capture all of the best moments. If your photos and videos are blurry and of a bad quality, this may put followers off so they will be less likely to become a fan of your account.

Sticking at it is the last essential piece of advice. Your dog may not become famous overnight, but if you are posting regularly and getting inspiration from other dog’s accounts, your own account will gain attention in no time. Try and be as active as possible and like and comment on photos similar to your own, so that you can get support from others. Have fun!