If you are planning on installing solar panels on your home, you may be wondering about cleaning and maintenance. Converting your home to run on solar energy is one of the best investments you can make and although there are initial costs, you save a huge amount of money in the long run. Using electricity from the grid is expensive, as a homeowner, you are subject to numerous variables, such as fluctuating costs.

If you’ve fitted solar panels or you’re planning on doing so, here are some maintenance tips.

Powered by the Sun

You’re sitting in school studying Maths and a difficult equation is written on the board by your teacher, you take out your calculator and start to enter digits, trying to find ways to solve the equation. But have you ever thought about how your calculator actually works?

Your calculator is powered by the sun, if you look carefully, you’ll see tiny solar panels on the top of the device. Once it is exposed to enough light, this device can stay on forever without needing batteries.

The best solar batteries in Adelaide provide year-round energy to your home, they basically work like your calculator but on a much bigger scale. Everything in your home requires energy, from your coffee machine to your TV. What better way to power your home than by using renewable energy sources?

How Do Solar Panels Work?

If you’ve installed solar panels and a solar battery in SA, your property is currently being powered by the sun. Your solar panels are made from solar cells, these cells help convert sunlight into electricity. This electricity is stored in a solar battery and electricity is distributed around your home when needed.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Taking care of your solar panels is vitally important, you must schedule regular maintenance checks and clean them when needed. If you live in a dusty neighbourhood, you should check them more often to ensure they are clean. If anything is blocking your solar panels, you must have them cleaned to improve their effectiveness. All kinds of things can have an impact on the performance of your panels, including:
• Dirt
• Grime
• Leaves
• Bird Droppings

Your solar panels won’t effectively absorb the sun if they are blocked by any of the items mentioned above. The easiest way to clean your solar panels is to rinse them with a standard garden hose, if you notice any stubborn stains, you can use a sponge or squeegee along with some lukewarm soapy water. Once you’ve dislodged the substance, you can then wash it away with the hose. If your panels are in a hard to reach area, you may be better leaving maintenance to the professionals.

If you’ve invested in solar panels, you’ll want to look after your investment to ensure they are working at their maximum capacity. If you don’t clean and maintain your solar panels, they’ll struggle to effectively absorb the sun’s rays. Going green and transforming your home is an excellent way of saving money and reducing your carbon footprint.