Looking for a scary place to stay? Reservations.com can help you stay in some of America’s creepiest destinations.

From ghostly apparitions to moving objects and voices in the halls, we’ve heard many spooky details from hotel guests who have visited haunted hotels. So if costume parties are too tame for your Halloween, or you want to have a new experience besides the parties, consider booking a stay at one of this 3 of the most haunted hotels in America.

Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colo.


Stephen King fans will instantly recognize this hotel as it was the inspiration for one of the best horror movies of all time, The Shining. Similar to the horror classic, guests report seeing children roam the halls even though no children have checked in to the hotel.

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The Liberty Hotel in Boston, Mass.


Less than 30 years ago, this former jailhouse was housing celebrity convicts such as the Boston Strangler, is now one of Boston’s most luxurious hotels. Visitors say that when they walk the halls alone, their necks start to tighten.

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The Heathman Hotel in Portland, Ore.


Want to experience your own American Horror Story minus Lady Gaga? Then stay in any room ending in ’03 at this Pacific Northwest establishment. Visitors have stated seeing objects move on their own, their clean towels used, and it is known that in room 703, there is a face looking at you from its dark corners and guests have been known to jump to their death from this very room.

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