A wedding is not just a party that you get to throw multiple times. It is the event of a lifetime that you probably have been waiting for since you were little or since you met the love of your life. You obviously want your wedding to be perfect and pass as smoothly as possible. That’s why hiring a professional DJ is a good decision because they don’t only play music, but they can help you with the overall wedding arrangements.

Co-ordinate the Day

A DJ orchestrates the whole day and ensures that everything is synchronized. It is one of their job descriptions. They arrive early, at least one and a half hours before the arrival of any guest. They make sure that the tables are well-prepared, the food is in the making, and the flowers are in place. Also, having someone planning the timeline of your wedding and keeping an eye on the clock will let you enjoy your day without any pressure. Furthermore, the DJ will stay in contact with the photographer and videographer and tell them about the important moments that they cannot miss taking photos of or taping.

It is undeniable that being an emcee is their most important role. It is disturbing to stand in the middle of the hall and shout announcements. That’s why having a confident person lowering down the music and telling people what to do is a lot classier and saves you all of the hustle. The guests will know when it’s time to sit or move and there will be a smooth transition from dancing to sitting or eating.

Playlist Making

You probably think that a DJ will add to the wedding expenses and that a family member can do the same job. This cannot be further from the truth, because you cannot call just anyone with headphones and a playlist a DJ. Choosing the songs to play is easy, but arranging them according to the mood and the wedding’s timeline is a lot harder than you think.

You would want to have a seasoned DJ, not an amateur. However, it is hard to know whether they will understand what you want or plan your day the only way they know. The safer thing to do is to look for reviews, search for a credible website, or ask a trusted friend. After choosing a DJ, they should meet with you and your partner to have an idea about who you are and about the general theme. So, you should be clear about what you want and let the professionals make recommendations that may end up even better than what you had in mind.

Also, it is important to tell them whether you like remixes or if you prefer playing the originals. Moreover, we all have a list of songs that irritate us whenever they come on the radio, so make sure that you hand in that list to your DJ so that they wouldn’t play them even if they were requested by the guests.

Technical Work

Sometimes during the ceremony, the microphone makes a buzzing sound or doesn’t work well. The DJ would have a fair knowledge about how to handle sound issues. Also, they are professional sound technicians so they would be able to detect if the music is out of tune. The smart DJ will keep the volume not too loud to avoid disturbing the elderly guests such as your grandparents. Fortunately, they also know how to adjust the lighting and choose the lights that are not too sore for the eyes.

Control The Dance Floor

In the middle of any wedding, people grow tired and sluggish so they either clap only or they leave the dance floor. The whole day may become dull if you don’t know how to lift up their spirits again. You don’t have to worry about that because the DJ is skillful in reading the dance floor and they will notice that boredom is getting built up. So, if you like karaoke, you can let your DJ know so they can announce a singing hour to liven up the day again.

Your wedding budget should include the costs of hiring a DJ. They are not a luxury but rather a necessity and you may see them that way after reading about what they actually do. You don’t need more stress and headache on your wedding day, so it is easier to let someone else handle all of the technicalities and coordinations so you can lay back and be the star.