Good chiropractors do everything they can to help their clients and reduce symptoms as quickly as possible. They do their utmost to get to the cause of the pain and provide long-term solutions. There are many skilled chiropractors in Australia who offer services to treat a wide variety of conditions. Although most first-time chiropractic visits will go a little different, here are some of the main things a good chiropractor will do during treatment.

Initial Consultation

Some doctors will conduct an initial interview over the phone or in person, depending on the clinic. This interview is focused on discussion, a good chiropractor gets to know their clients before any treatment begins. They’ll also discuss their philosophy, expertise and how they hope to approach your problems and resolve the issue in the best way possible. A good doctor will take time to understand your issues, they’ll ask about your problem and preferences when it comes to treatment strategies. There are several first-class chiropractors in Mentone, Black Rock and Parkdale that offer outstanding services to clients in the area. They focus on a holistic approach, assisting all kinds of people who are suffering from back pain, headaches, joint pain and more.


During your initial consultation you’ll be asked to fill out a questionnaire, this is designed to help the doctor further understand your problems and how best to create a strategy to meet your goals and health objectives. Here are some of different types of questions you may be asked before your treatment begins:

• Where is the pain located?

• When did it start?

• Describe how the pain feels – does it radiate, burn etc.?

• Do you remember what caused the pain?

• What makes it better or worse – certain types of activities etc.?

In most circumstances, patients are asked to fill out a form to help the doctor gather information on their family history, pre-existing conditions, injuries and previous treatments.

Chiropractic Examination

When you’ve finished your initial consultation, the doctor will begin to perform a series of exams. Each of these exams is designed to assess your body and identify any other issues you may have. A chiropractic exam will include a wide variety of assessments depending on the type of clinic you visit, these include:

• Balance Assessment

• Neurological Testing

Blood Pressure

• Range of Movement

These are just some of the tests you will encounter on your first visit to a good chiropractor.

Report & Care Strategy

A first-class chiropractor will report their findings and aim to create a care strategy that is designed specifically for your needs. At the end of your initial visit, they’ll show your diagnosis and present you with an individualised treatment plan, this will include an anticipated length of chiropractic care plan. Along with your report and care strategy, a good clinic will recommend relief care.

Relief care is designed to help you when your symptoms are at their worst, if you suffer a painful episode, relief care can greatly reduce inflammation and pain. The doctor will offer advice on strategies you can adopt in between each visit, so if your condition starts to flair up, you’ll have a way of relieving the pain. After your consultation and treatment, you’ll be feeling better than before. This is a good time to speak to your chiropractor about lifestyle changes that can assist you in maintaining optimal health levels.

Although not all clinics are the same, you should encounter an initial consultation which is similar to the one described above. A top-quality clinic will conduct a range of assessments to gather information on your current condition, they’ll do a thorough evaluation and produce a treatment plan that is tailored to your needs.