We all know that a push-up bra or bikini is one used and designed to visually increase and elevate the chest. However, what does this term mean when applied to trousers?


Push up trousers have the same effect as other push up products.

Push up trousers have the same effect as other push up products yes, you read it correctly: this is a type of trousers, mainly jeans, which serves to enhance your B-side. Or what is the same, it helps to visually make the back more lifted. Although you might think that these jeans should be made with special materials, the truth is that they are made by the 90% of cotton and the 10% of Elastane, which makes the fabric soft, comfortable and highly elastic. The regular fit is practical and aesthetically versatile, suitable to complete a casual sports outfit.

It’s true that you can find on the market some of them that have a kind of removable padding, Freddy push up jeans achieve their effect thanks to a technology developed through years and years of research in Italy, the country of the style. This technology, WR.UP® technology is the one that made possible for these pants to give you that effect of perfect silhouette: the final effect is combination of three different special results: the smoothing effect, the lifting effect and the shaping effect. Let’s take a closer look at them.

The smoothing Effect

The smoothing effect of WR.UP® Freddy high waist perfectly shapes your waist, thighs and hips thanks to the high quality of the fabric, on which reinforcements have been applied in strategic positions. It is the grace and the harmony of your body that you deserve.

The lifting Effect

WR.UP® is the exclusive 100% bi-elastic denim jersey that defines your shape, raises your B-side and wraps you like a second skin. Finally, perfection takes shape.

The shaping effect

WR.UP® shapes and sculpts your hips, keeping your pants high and in place with a special silicone band. Now your body is a work of art!

Like most jeans you can find, many models of push up pants are made most of all with lycra in their composition. It is important to bear in mind that the higher the percentage of this fabric they wear, they will be more elastic and comfortable, but the push up effect may not be as striking as in the case of those who tighten the body better and achieve a “bodice” effect, lifting part of the thigh. And this is why, Freddy push up pants, which contain only the 10% of this material can be considered the leader of the industry. However, they became so fashionable and their effects were so interesting to many consumers that soon these trends also had competitors and other brands trying to emulate these pants!


Always choose the size you need. Don’t worry about the numbers and buy a 40 instead of a 38 if it’s the size you really need. The trick of trying to tighten the body with one size less and thus create a corset effect that does not work! You’ll only get more ‘stuffed’ into your clothes and more attention on your extra pounds.

Enhance your silhouette even more by wearing your Freddy push up pants with high heels. When walking in high shoes, the body arches and makes the chest and your B-side look more curvy. If you combine them with your Freddy push up effect pants, you’ll even multiply the effect!

At the end of the day it is important to learn how to accept ourselves: it is a long process, but it will happen. So in the meantime wear the Freddy push up pants and all the pants you like, but also remember that the best thing to do in order to have the body you want is that you do a little exercise and feed yourself in a healthy way. Take care is always the most important trend!