The issue of choosing the right perfume either for yourself or your loved ones can be quite hard to solve. An abundance of fragrances, varieties of scents, and myriads of notes. However, to find a perfect combination of those sometimes feels a tedious and weary thing to do.

Everything is getting even more exciting if one were to think about the possibilities that a good dubai perfume shop has to offer: exotic and peculiar scents just add to the problem. But, don’t you worry, as we are about to spell out the basic guidelines on how to get the perfect perfume either in UAE or anywhere else.

Think of something you love

If you have any trouble with choosing a fragrance, start with common things that have the most pleasing aroma in your opinion. Think about the various unique aromas you appreciate, particularly in personal care items, if you are new to perfumes. Shampoos and body lotions can give a nice hint. All of these are excellent places to begin your search for the perfect fragrance. Find perfumes that include the same notes you like in other items.

Also, consider your disposition and way of life to determine which scent family would be most appropriate. Instinct and common sense both play a role. There’s a good chance you shouldn’t wear musk to the workplace. In a business setting, a citrusy or flowery fragrance may be more appropriate than a woodsy or spicy one.

Test it

Trying on several perfumes is the most important step in identifying your new signature scent. Applying it to a naturally warm area of skin, such as the wrist or the elbow, will allow the aroma to build up and show itself over time. For this purpose, it is better to use tester perfumes. Get yourself a couple of testers either from the Internet or from the nearest cosmetics boutique. This will enable you to test them out over the course of several days and get a feel for how they perform in various settings and therefore choose the best fitting one/ones. It’s quite reasonable, as you will get to know the right aroma without overpaying for the whole lot of perfumes that you may not even need.

Natural vs Synthetic

A lot of people think that all perfumes last long. However, this is not true. The longevity of the scent projected largely depends on the perfume’s basis, natural or synthetic. For instance, natural citrus fragrance is characterized by a shorter lingering effect than vanilla and woody notes.

The ingredients choice in perfumes impacts not just the scent’s longevity but also how it reacts with the wearer’s body. It’s not always the case that going natural is the best option. It requires a lot of natural raw materials to get the necessary oil, so perfume can be created. This means that such a perfume will be quite pricey.

Additionally, the longevity and storage life of natural perfumes are inferior to those of synthetic fragrances. Be cautious when exposed to natural smells, since they may trigger allergic responses more so than synthetics. Always do a patch test on your skin before buying anything new.