DJ Xenia Ghali is a world-renowned song-writer, multi-instrumentalist, DJ and producer notorious for her exotic look and scintillating beats. The classically trained artist has made a name for herself as a hot newcomer in the dance and pop world all over Europe and America.  She most recently dropped her single “Under These Lights”, which climbed its way to a #1 Billboard Dance Club chart position, while touring Greece and performing across Europe over the summer. Under These Lights Music Video is currently in rotation on MAD TV Greece, Rise TV Greece (Former MTV) and will premiere this fall on MTV Hits in the US.

Her newest single, “Places” features “Teen Wolf’s” Ryan Kelley in the music video.

Xenia Ghali is without a doubt a name to remember, and after making made sizeable waves in the dance music community, as well as the music industry at large, it is only a matter of time before her career enters the stratosphere.

Who has been the biggest inspiration in your life? Why?

My parents. They taught me the importance of being a good person, being kind and working hard for what you want to accomplish. I also admire their relationship and their dedication to their family.

When and how did you get started?

I have been classically trained on the piano and flute since I was approximately 5 years old. When I was 15 I went through a huge rock phase and taught myself the guitar and drums. After I graduated high school, I went on to receive my Bachelor’s in Music Composition and Production in the UK. During my time there, I invested in buying a couple of second hand Technics 1210 turntables and 5 vinyl House records and taught myself how to spin. One thing led to another and I began performing at local clubs until eventually I was doing shows at the Ministry of Sound in London. After I graduated from the UK, I received a Master’s in Music Composition, Production and Film Scoring from NYU and simultaneously started to professionally produce and DJ both in the States and in Europe.

Do you have any music influence?

My inspirations range from Tchaikovsky to the Chemical Brothers to Simon and Garfunkel

Explain your sound in 3 words?

Melodic, Passionate and Driving

What is the best part of life as a DJ?

The amazing people I get to meet when I’m on tour, feeling the energy and the magic of the audience during shows and of course seeing places I’ve never seen before!

Any future collaborations?

All future releases, collaborations and news will be announced on my official website xeniaghali.com and on my socials facebook.com/xghali, instagram.com/xeniaghali and on twitter.com/xghali

Are there any other artists you would love to collaborate with or remix?

That is an incredibly tough question! There are many artists I would love to collaborate with which makes picking just one impossible!

Your top 3 festivals?

Coachella, Creamfields, Sensation

What is the best city that you have traveled to as a tourist/working?

One of the most memorable cities I went to was Milan.

What makes you decide to play a particular record during one of your sets?

What the vibe and energy of the crowd tells me! Of course I have a certain style and sound but I always like to be in the moment and feel the crowd with regards to which records are the right ones to play at the right time.

What’s your motto or the advice you live by?

Always listen to your gut

Now tell us about your recent hit track “Places”?

“Places” ft Raquel Castro is a vocal house record with a pop flare to it. The lyrics are fun, sexy and quite open to interpretation as “Places” can be literally anything from places in our minds, to fantasies, to physical places or to situations.

The video co-stars Ryan Kelley from Teen Wolf. It is quite similar to the actual song in that it reflects the feel and the vibe. There isn’t a clear story, but it’s visually appealing, fun, contains a love story and features energetic dancing

Where did you guys filmed the video?

We filmed the video in New York City.

How was working with Ryan Kelley?

Ryan Kelley was truly a pleasure to work with. He is a wonderful person, a real professional and very talented.

What are your plans for 2017?

Lots of new music, collaborations and of course touring!

Funniest/Craziest thing that ever happened to you at an event?

I was once proposed to during one of my shows haha! Of course I took this as a joke and a massive compliment, but it was pretty crazy!

How do you spend your spare time?

When I’m not producing music or playing a show I usually like to work out, see my family and friends or bother people which is probably my favorite habit!

What are the 3 things you can’t live without?

Music, my family/friends and sunshine

Who is your biggest beauty inspiration? 

Probably my stylist Fani Polychroniou! She taught me everything I know about fashion, about it’s history, the art, the evolution and about creating a sense of personal style.

Who are some of your favorite models and designers, and why?

Linda Evangelista because she is a chameleon. She can literally do and support any look, its incredible. I like many designers so the list would be endless!

Something people don’t know about you?

I love mustard!

What kind of music do you like? And don’t like?

I appreciate all types of music. I don’t think there’s a specific genre I don’t like. I try to listen to different genres and learn something from each.

Any loves, other then music?


How important is Social Media for you?

Social Media is very important for me. My favorite thing about it is how quickly and immediately I can communicate with people who support me and my music.

Where we can follow you?


Holiday Destination: Thailand (haven’t been but I can’t wait to go!)

Drink: Titos Vodka

Song: Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen

Movie: The Sound of Music

Food: Seafood

Book: The War of Art – Steven Pressfield

Sports Team: AEK (Greece)