Reggeton artist Will Kano launches his single ‘Dejame Entrar’ on June 21st through Continental Records.  The album will be found on iTunes and Google Play.  The single part of the full-length LP ‘Tú tranquilo que ya llegamos,’ set to release later this year.

Will was discovered while on a trip to Los Angeles by manager Ivan Leon, who introduced the young artist to record label executives who signed him on a three-album deal.  The album signing represents Will’s foray as a solo artist, having previously worked with bands such as the Fialo group.

When asked about the process of creating his first single, Will had to say, “It has been a long process! It’s full of positive experiences and personal growth. When you play for someone else, you try to fit into their sound.  When it’s solo work, you get to decide who you should like. It’s different, switching gears for others and keeping a cohesive sound on your own work.  I began recording to find the sound that felt right for me.  Now that I’ve honed in on ‘my sound’, I can say without a shadow of a doubt, that I am proud of my work!

Describe yourself in 3 words?

Romantic, Dreamer, Passionate.

When was it that you first realized that you wanted to pursue music as a career?

Since I was little, I’ve had a great affinity for art. I liked drawing a lot. It all started when I started taking drum lessons in the church my parents took me to. I can remember the passion, dedication and everything in the church. That’s what motivated me to choose music as a career.

Who has made the biggest impact on your life so far, and why? 

I would say having had sentimental relations that didn’t work out taught me a thing or two. I learned to compose thanks to love and a lack there of; like most artists we find inspiration in the highest and lowest of emotions.

What is your musical background? Do you have a musical family?

I became a professional musician and producer in Bogota, Colombia, at Fernando Sor Music School. I am the only musician in my family, believe it or not.

Do you ever get nervous?

Whenever I’m going to sing or meeting a girl that I like. It doesn’t look it, but I can be rather shy.

For our readers who have never heard your music, explain your sound in 3 words?

Fresh, pleasant, and unique.

How did you get started in the industry?

I started posting cover songs on my social media accounts. My followers dug what I was putting out. I then ended up part of a boy band for a bit, but dreamt of doing solo work. On a recent trip to Los Angeles, a friend of mine put me in touch with someone Continental Records. They wanted a sample and I I made a song while on vacation! A week later we signed a contract and that’s how it all started!

Now tell us about your single “Dejame Entrar”?

That’s the first song I composed while in LA. It’s a declaration of love. Something to say to my amor.

Dejame Entrar

And about your LP “Tú tranquilo que ya llegamos,” and when we will be able to get it?

My EP is now available on all digital platforms and YouTube.

What we can expect of Will Kano in 2018?

More music of course! I am hoping to have my full length done this year and make a return trip to Los Angeles. We’re planning several more trips along the US; promotions and concerts. Working on the details now. This is going to be the year of Will Kano.

What is the biggest highlight of your career so far?

Having signed with a record deal!

Best advice ever given?

Fight for my dreams. There are many times I wanted to leave music for different reasons and difficult situations. I had to remind myself not to give up. It is the best thing I have done — fight for music.

Name one your strengths?

The passion, because when I love something I give everything, that’s what I am doing now for my career, passion makes me disciplined and persistent. I consider that as my strong point.

What are the 3 things you can’t live without?

My family, my friends and my guitar.

What’s your motto or the advice you live by?

I have always learned to ask God’s will so I can say that’s my motto, to have confidence in God and always ask for his direction.

What is you favorite song to belt out in the car/for karaoke?

Morena Mia by Miguel Bose, that’s my favorite song of all time to sing.

Any advice for upcoming singers?

To persist. To learn every single thing of every situation. To take advantage of the time you can create. Studying artists you admire. Try to improve every day. Listen to the music of those like you and those you want to be. To live connected is best way to start incorporating a sound and making it your own.

Do you support any charity?

Not at the moment. I would like to support causes around animals and children. I dream of try to improve their situations. It will be something I want to use my clout for as my career reaches new heights.

Do you have any hobbies?

When I’m not making music, my favorite hobby is working out!

Five years from now you will be….

At the Latin Grammys, receiving a Grammy, and sharing all the success that God allows me to have with my family and all the people who support me.

Where we can follow you?

On Instagram: @will.kno. I’m on other social media sites as as Will Kno

Quote: “If the world were blind, how many people would you impress?”

Travel Destination: California will always be my favorite travel destination.

Actor/Actress: Robert Downy Jr.

Celebrity Crush: Kendal Jenner

Book: Tales from a Thousand and One Nights

Drink: Perrier Water

Sports Team: F. C. Barcelona

Photo Credit: Courtesy Shandrew PR.