For those who understand that luxury means unparalleled quality, there is no other option. That is why the recent acquisition of North America’s largest luxury watch retailer should be something that you take notice of. Luxury watches offer quality and precision in conjunction with superior design across the board. They are as much style as they are imperative for function. Yes, phones have access to the time through the internet. They are incredibly accurate, and many phones are seen as luxury items in and of themselves. It is only through an incredible timepiece, however, that you can truly show off your style.

Historic brand Tourneau was previously a family-run business with forward-thinking aspirations and a dedication to providing the present with the service of the future. Their recent purchase by the Bucherer Group means that their 28 stores in over 10 states and their strong e-commerce platform will be transferred to the international luxury watch retail giant Bucherer. Whether Bucherer will keep the name or place their own, however, is uncertain as of yet.

This move comes shortly after the Bucherer Group acquired the London-based luxury watch retailer The Watch Gallery in October 2017. This rapid expansion across international waters and into internationally significant cities marks global aspirations from the company, though the move is likely to be a great one.

The brand Bucherer began in 1888 in the heart of Switzerland. It is fitting, of course, that the company becoming one of the largest luxury watch retailers in the world would hale from the home of luxury watch-making. From its modest beginnings, the brand expanded once the founders’ children, Ernst and Carl Eduard joined and took over in the 1920s. Their efforts expanded their parents’ efforts, and Ernst Bucherer even made one of the most significant partnerships of the today.

In the 1920s, shortly after Hans Wilsdorf’s Rolex achieved the first Swiss Certificate of Chronometric Precision by the Official Watch Rating Centre for wristwatches, and later a “Class A” precision ranking from Kew Observatory, Ernst Bucherer partnered with the luxury brand. Today, Bucherer is still one of the leading Rolex retailers around the world, having been with Rolex through its long and impressive history of innovation and historic feats.

The brand isn’t entirely about tradition, either. The Hublot is a modern masterpiece in comparison to other luxury retail brands, and yet it has made quite the impact on modern audiences. Inaugurated in the 1980s, Carlo Crocco worked to make his luxury watch an international success. It is not until 2004, however, that the Hublot has seen the success that it deserves. This demarcation is marked by the arrival of former Omega president, Jean-Claude Biver. Together, they have revolutionized the modern watch.

It is this dedication to luxury watches, both with the tradition and heritage that Rolex does, or the innovation and marvel that the Hublot does, that Bucherer excels. As such, its expansion efforts indicate a great reprisal for the luxury watch market, as their dedication to quality and hospitality is taken overseas.