Everyone’s aspirations are different, and each person defines achievements in their own unique way. For some, passing their driving test is a milestone, while for others, learning to perfect a new dish may be a great achievement. Milestones are usually defined according to a person’s goals and when they’re able to complete it. There are, however, common achievements that most people can agree are worth celebrating. Some of them include retiring after years of working and also living to reach the age of thirty. This article aims to look at a few specifics that are worth bringing out your dancing shoes to celebrate.


Graduating from any level of education is arguably worth a celebration. In 2016-2017, at least 2.32 million students were said to be studying at UK higher education institutions which is an impressive number of people. Committing to higher education often means passing many hurdles such as exams and essays, surviving the sleepless nights, and falling asleep in the library from time to time. If you’re able to conquer these giants and the many other ones you face, it can be seen as and commendable achievement. When you finally pass an educational course, it may feel like a weight off of your shoulders and a breath of fresh air. For this reason, it is something worth celebrating. If you’ve recently graduated, don’t hesitate to buy yourself something nice, go out for a night of drinks and dancing, or relax on the beach with a mimosa.

Buying a House

Being able to transition from paying a landlord rent every month to regular payments that contribute towards paying for a home you own is a milestone to some. To get to the point where you can officially say you own your home means that you’ve likely gone through meticulous budgeting to save your deposit and the tedious process of finding a property. Although this is a great moment for all, it can also be quite stressful. Therefore, to limit the number of headaches and make this occasion even more momentous, hiring a conveyancer like Bird & Co Solicitors to help you buy your property can make the milestone even better. Successfully managing to do all of this is an achievement that may warrant you more than a pat on the back.

Getting Married

Tying the knot isn’t a goal for everyone, however, it is the desire of some. Finding someone that you feel you’re compatible with and can spend the rest of your life with isn’t something that happens every day. There are many ways that getting married can improve your quality of life such as reducing the chance of loneliness as you have a consistent partner in crime. Some studies even find that being married could result in better health and longer life expectancy, if you have a good partner of course. Whatever the case, finding someone who makes you happy is something worth celebrating whether it’s by honeymooning in the Caribbean or throwing the wedding reception of your dreams.

There are many more milestones that you will arrive at in life that will make you feel a sense of pride and joy. There is nothing wrong with acknowledging and celebrating these milestones as a form of self-encouragement. Giving yourself credit for accomplishing or surviving something significant is also likely to inspire you to want to aspire for more.