Affordable and luxury are at the exact opposite ends of the price spectrum when it comes to describing nearly anything, and especially so when we are discussing cars. However, there are models from some of the top manufacturers in the world that seem to fulfil both criteria to a great extent. Keep in mind, though, that no luxurious car worth buying is really cheap, so this list has been prepared with only comparative affordability and cost-efficiency in mind. With that perspective in point, let us take a quick look through some of the cheapest luxury cars available in the UK as of 2021.

2020/21 Mercedes-Benz A-Class (Starts at Roughly £24,000)

The Mercedes-Benz A-Class is quite well-known for being the smallest in its family, but that is not necessarily a bad thing, depending on your particular use-case scenario. This is a classy, luxurious hatchback from one of the world’s most respected makes, despite being comparatively affordable. The excellent suspensions fitted in the A-Class are unparalleled in their price range, beating even a few models from Mercedes that belong to much higher price brackets.

As long as you do not have plans to pit it against a true sports car, this little family hatchback is no slouch in terms of power either. That fact holds true even if you only decide to get the one with a basic A180d. For getting more raw power, torque and speed out of your Mercedes-Benz A-Class, try the A45 S 4Matic+ engine, although that will raise the price quite significantly.

However, you can opt for the A45 S 4Matic+ and still keep the costs relatively manageable by keeping the cost of your car insurance down. Just be sure to compare bids from multiple providers so that you can get the cheapest car insurance policy for your brand-new Mercedes Benz. Usually, the more expensive a model is, the more insurers charge for insurance, but sites like Quotezone help turn the tide in favour of the customer. As car insurers openly bid and compete against each other, you can end up with the cheapest car insurance policy possible, be it for any new or old premium car you own.

Alpine A110 (Starts at Roughly £47,500)

As we are discussing luxurious cars, we cannot only limit our list to hatchbacks, so the next on our list is the Alpine A110. The compact coupe will immediately remind you of the more famous Porsche Cayman. Now, it should be noted that the Porsche Cayman is slightly cheaper than the Alpine A110, but after careful consideration, we had to agree that the extra few thousand pounds might be well worth it. For example, the Alpine has a body that has been manufactured almost entirely out of premium-grade aluminium, allowing it to be the lightest double-seater coupe in its class.

The car weighs almost 300 kilograms less than the Cayman or the Audi TT, making the coupe feel like a feather, particularly while making tight turns. Keep in mind that both the Audi and the Porsche are worth considering as alternatives, and they are cheaper, but considering the weight, build quality, interiors, looks and the nit-picky attention to small things, the Alpine A110 is the better option.

The A110/110S, 1.8l turbocharged four-cylinder engines can generate 249bhp/288bhp of power, with a common torque of 236lb ft for both variants, making it a powerful little coupe. To further reduce the weight and help the driver, the secondary break calliper has been built right inside the main braking system instead of the EPB integration we generally see. There is just so much going right with the Alpine A110 in terms of comfort, attention to detail, price-to-performance ratio and, of course, the oomph factor.

BMW M2 CS 2020 (Starting from Roughly £75,000)

The M2 is significantly cheaper, but the new M2 CS 2020 is the model to buy if you are looking for a sub-£80,000 sports car with some real power and looks. For those wondering why we did not put the M2 2021 on this list instead, then that is because it isn’t yet available in the UK, and with BMW’s reluctance to release the latest and the greatest in their line-up of premium cars in the region, there is no guarantee that you will be able to find one any time soon either.

Nevertheless, the M2 CS 2020 is not going to be outdone anytime soon in its price range, because very few cars in any price range can offer a better balance of performance, responsiveness, handling, weight distribution and comfort, thanks in no small part to the adaptive touring (self-adjusting dampers) system. In terms of raw power, the BMW M2 CS delivers 444bhp at 6250rpm and 405lb ft of torque, via its redesigned and turbocharged twin- 3l straight-six engines.

There are those that can buy one or more of these beauties at whim, while others are auto-enthusiasts who would prefer the balance between budget, passion and performance that any of the premium cars here would allow them to maintain. Either way, you cannot really go wrong with these excellent makes and models. They manage to strike an almost unbelievable balance between cost and luxury. By no means are these cars really “cheap” by normal standards of course, nor are they likely to be cheap to insure, but in comparison to what the higher priced models are asking for, they are certainly more affordable and practical options.